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Pet Simulator X Pet Dupers Get Punished

When the bank update went live in Pet Simulator X on 4th December we got to play with some awesome new features. Sadly the update also revealed two vulnerabilities that allowed players to duplicate both pets and diamonds which if left unchecked could have a massive negative effect on the game’s economy.

One issue was found very quickly but this hadn’t stopped people from taking advantage of the issue by duplicating both diamonds and high-value pets. The second issue was harder to find and fix and took almost two days to resolve. Two days is a long time and people were able to take advantage to their heart’s content.

Both issues have now been resolved and Preston, the creator of Pet Sim X, has been dishing out punishments on those who took advantage of the exploit. The below is taken from a recent blog post and explains what action was taken:

What did I do about it?

A couple of things.

  • Duped pets will be deleted automatically. This will extend to banks. Unfortunately, this includes innocent players. This wasn’t an ideal solution… and it definitely hurt to do… but it was either all or nothing. It’s better to do this now instead of waiting and making the decision later.
  • Accounts made specifically to horde these pets/diamonds (stashes) have been banned.
  • Users caught abusing these exploits have been wiped/banned including their associates and alternate accounts. This included lots of blackmarket ring-leaders and storage accounts caught in the process.
  • Over 1,000 malicious banks have been wiped.
  • Players with glitched Diamonds have been reset to 0.
  • A system is now in place to monitor and log any unusual activity, duped pets, and more.
  • Duped pets will no longer be possible from this point forward. I say this with confidence

I actually admire the action that has been taken against those that tried to benefit from the exploit especially as many of the accounts could be the black-market accounts mentioned in the blog post.

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