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Santa’s Slippery Slope Coming Soon To Steam

I can’t actually recall any good Christmas themed games so here’s hoping that Santa’s Slippery Slope can break that trend. Described by developers Hondue Games as ‘A skiing experience like no other with a unique control system and purely physics-driven gameplay. Join Santa in this exciting physics-based journey on the slopes to get back all of the lost presents and save Christmas before it’s too late!’ things actually sound promising.

Having watched the trailer the main gameplay reminds me a bit of the Trials dirt bike games and if this is the case, Santa’s Slippery Slope could be very good indeed. For more information visit the official Steam page.

Watch the announcement trailer below:

Key features:

• Tons of levels each with multiple unique challenges to conquer, supplying hours upon hours of gameplay and loads of replay value!
• Open over-world with non-linear level progression, struggling on one level? Simply go try another and come back later!
• Excellent graphics and optimized performance allowing the game to look great and still run on low-end devices with integrated graphics!
• Realistic physics give you precise control over skiing Santa!
• Intuitive controls allow anyone to pick up and play, but require dedication to master!
• Hilarious rag-doll bails, funny sounds, and goofy physics!
• Challenging but rewarding gameplay. The road ahead won’t be easy, but it feels great when you conquer each level!
• Unique level design, with challenging hills, jumps, loops and physics-based obstacles!
• Packed with holiday cheer, winter vibes, and seasonal excitement!

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