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The ‘Elden Ring’ Gameplay Trailer Is Finally Here And It Looks Amazing

After almost two years of pretty much deathly silence regarding Elden Ring we are finally blessed with a trailer featuring actual gameplay and boy does it look impressive. The trailer was released earlier at the Summer Games Fest and already has over 100,000 views.

The trailer shows off parts of the new game world, many of its weird and wonderful enemies and of course the all-important combat. The trailer even hints at the possibility of mounted combat which will be an interesting addition to this type of game allowing for much more dramatic changes of pace.

Watch the Elden Ring gameplay reveal trailer below:

As you would expect in a FromSoftware title the enemies are very bizarre. Just in the trailer, we get to see several different forms including what look to be boss fights, or at least mini-boss fights. There’s also general mobs which seem to appear in rather large numbers plus a massive four-legged tree beast which seems to have a massive church bell for genitalia!

The combat on show looks much more fluid than the Dark Souls titles and one scene hints that we could be taking on many more enemies than we have been used to. Combat forms look to include all of the staples with melee, ranged and magic all making an appearance.

Finally we also get a confirmed release date of 21st January, 2022 for the game which will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PS4 & PS5.

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