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The McLaren 570S returns to ‘Rocket League’

Psyonix, in collaboration with luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive, has announced that the McLaren 570S will return to Rocket League from today (27th May), on all platforms.

The new McLaren 570S Pack marks the first return of the 570S since Rocket League went free to play and will also include a brand new Silver Decal for the Car.

Watch the Rocket League – McLaren 570S 2021 trailer below:

The items featured in the pack are:

  • McLaren 570S Car
  • Unique Engine Audio
  • McLaren 570S Decal (Silver Painted)
  • McLaren 570S Wheel
  • McLaren 570S Wheel (Silver Painted)
  • McLaren I Player Banner
  • McLaren II Player Banner
  • McLaren III Player Banner

The McLaren 570S Pack is available in the Item Shop for 2000 Credits and players that already own the 570S can purchase the Upgrade Pack for 900 Credits to get the McLaren 570S Decal (Silver Painted), McLaren 570S Wheel (Silver Painted), and McLaren III Player Banner. The McLaren 570S Pack and Upgrade Pack will be available from 27th May until 2nd June. In addition, a McLaren Avatar Border can be claimed for free beginning 27th May.

To learn more about the McLaren 570S Pack, please read the latest blog post.

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