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‘Twin Mirror’ available to pre-order on PS4 and Xbox One

Dontnod Entertainment has announced that digital pre-orders for Twin Mirror are now live on Xbox One and PS4. Players pre-ordering the game on PS4 will receive a dynamic theme inspired by the game’s main character Sam Higgs’ Mind Palace.

Co-produced with Shibuya Productions, this new story driven adventure has been available for pre-order on PC via the Epic Games Store since 15th September, 2020. Players pre-ordering the game on PC will also get the digital original game soundtrack.

Watch the Twin Mirror release date gameplay trailer below:

When the game launches on 1st December, Twin Mirror’s players will slip in Sam Higgs’ shoes and start investigating the mysteries surrounding Basswood and its inhabitants. As a former investigative journalist, Sam Higgs has developed multiple analytical skills represented in the game by the Mind Palace, a place where players will discover multiple aspects of his personality. Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics serving the narrative, Sam’s Mind Palace is a safe space where the protagonist can be his true self without any pressure or judgment.

Players will be able to revisit Sam’s past and witness his memories during flashback sequences in order to unveil the truth. Sam’s singular mind both logical and analytical can sometimes hurt his acquaintances’ feelings, that’s when the Double comes into play. This is a character only Sam can see. A representation of himself more emphatic and social. Sam can always rely on this ally to guide him through social interactions and navigate a society that sometimes rejects singularity.

Along the way, players will face drastic choices with major implications regarding how the events will unfold. Who to listen to? Who to trust? Confronted with his own doubts, which voice will Sam decide to follow in his quest for the truth? Some of his decisions will massively impact the story…

Twin Mirror will be compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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