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Star Trek: Picard’s success demonstrates The Next Generation’s enduring popularity

It feels like the year has only just begun, but we have already offered up a bonafide TV treat. Star Trek: Picard has achieved the unthinkable by blasting Sir Patrick Stewart back into space – something that even the actor himself at one point did not believe was possible.

However, it is now on our screens, and all of the signs which have emerged so far seem to indicate that the show has proven to be a hit with many fans.

A major impact

According to TechCrunch, CBS has released some intriguing figures which have put a spotlight on the level of impact that the show has already had.

It confirmed that its All Access streaming service achieved a new record for subscriber sign-ups in the months leading up to the launch of the show, while the premiere also set a record for total streams on the platform too. Furthermore, it is believed that the show also drove the highest volume of subscribers to stream a CBS All Access original series to date.

CBS clearly believed Picard was set for big things, as it has already been confirmed that the series will be returning for a second season. Not only that, but Stewart has even started gathering his crew together for a new adventure, as he took the opportunity during an interview on The View to ask Whoopi Goldberg in person if she would be willing to reprise her role as Guinan on the show.

Enduring popularity

All in all, it appears that the future is looking very bright for Star Trek: Picard and the streaming figures clearly highlight not only the level of interest in seeing Stewart return to that universe, but also the enduring popularity of Star Trek: The Next Generation in general.

It is now 18 years since the Star Trek: Nemesis feature film brought Picard’s journey with the likes of Riker, Troi, and Data to an end, but the show clearly left behind a strong legacy which has resonated with a huge number of people.

Furthermore, its popularity has extended away from purely the big and small screen, with it inspiring a range of different media. PC and console titles have also been released throughout the years, while the crew have even rather surprisingly been beamed into the world of slot games. SkyWing Group’s game based on the series is among the best Trek-themed free slots no download titles that gamers can play for no charge, with it also featuring a host of images and iconography from the show.

Other releases, such as book series’ and a range of graphic novels, have meant that the adventures of Picard and his crew have lived on beyond TV and film, which, in turn, has allowed fans to keep getting their fix of these much-loved characters and their universe.

A strong legacy

Mention the words ‘Star Trek’ to casual fans and they are admittedly most likely to make a reference towards Kirk and Spock’s original series crew.

However, it is clear that the impact that Jean-Luc Picard has had on many lives cannot be underestimated. Star Trek: The Next Generation clearly has a strong legacy, and it will be intriguing to see how Picard builds on that across its current and future seasons.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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