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Rugby 20 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC

With the Six Nations looming there will be an increased interest in Rubgy around the world, there couldn’t be a much better time to release a new rugby game. Bigben and Eko Software are proud to announce that their new game Rugby 20 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Rugby 20 offers a fairly wide range of tactics options, attacking pods and set plays, rugby fans will find all the fine points of the sport in this new simulation-focused game. Designed to offer the deepest tactical gameplay ever for this sport, Rugby 20 introduces an innovative set-play system and the option to adapt the game strategy during the match. Dictate play and control the game by defining the position and behaviour of your players, as well as the sequences you want to use.

View the Rugby 20 launch trailer below:

Whether attacking or defending, your choices will make all the difference. Long passes, side-steps, grubber kicks and tackling with two players will all help you gain the upper hand during the match. Timing and accuracy will be your greatest strengths as you demonstrate your skills and try to turn the game in your favour.

In Rugby 20, you can play with over 60 official teams from the Top 14, Pro D2, Premiership and Pro 14, as well as many national teams. Create your own team in Solo mode and add new recruits from over 2,000 players recreated in the game. In Multiplayer mode, compete against your friends in local or online matches, or challenge the player community via the matchmaking system.

We’ve been playing Rugby 20 already and will be publishing a full review soon.

For more information head over to the official Rugby 20 website.

View some Rugby 20 screenshots in our gallery below:

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