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Frostpunk: The Last Autumn Review

I’ve said it multiple times when talking about Frostpunk but there’s no harm in saying it again, Frostpunk is by far one of my favourite games from the last few years and is definitely my favourite city management style game. That said it’s not perfect and certainly isn’t for everyone.

The Last Autumn is the biggest piece of DLC released for Frostpunk so far and is available now. It’s available as part of the Season Pass or you could pick up the game of the year edition.

View some The Last Autumn gameplay with dev commentary in the trailer below:

The Last Autumn is set before the events of the base game and your task is to build a generator in preparation of the impending icy doom. As a result, the challenges you face will be very different from the base game. What is also refreshing is how the game looks, as there is no ice it’s a much more colourful experience than the icy wastelands of the base game.

The Last Autumn is described by 11 Bit Studios as being aimed at experienced players and I can vouch for that. Even on the easiest settings, you will find yourself getting fired again and again. Even if your people are happy and motivated you can still lose your job by failing to meet the objectives set by the board, if you don’t stay on track they will quite happily get rid of you.

If you’ve already played the base game you’ll be immediately familiar with how the game plays. You still have the circular city structure, you’ll still have to make tough decisions and juggle the needs of different factions within your camp. Laws are still present with some being familiar and some being completely new.

Check out the first part of my own playthrough in the video below:


Resources are managed in a different way to the base game and this takes some time to get used to as you’ll need to be very organised in terms of what you bring in and when. There are still resources on the map to start you off but most of your stuff will be coming in via the new docks building. You can also order new people to staff your camp but if you’re not ready to accommodate them this can very quickly end in disaster.

Health and safety plays a big part in The Last Autumn and depending on the choices you make you could find your guys going on strike due to the dangerous conditions you have created. In my best playthrough so far (I use the term best lightly as I still got fired) the team I had set to building the first part of the generator spent most of their time striking as I hadn’t fulfilled my promises.

Frostpunk Last Autumn
Credit: 11 Bit Studios

To sum up, The Last Autumn is a great addition to the Frostpunk world and offers a whole new challenge. It maintains the difficulty of the base game and I think this is a good thing, after all, saving humanity from a devastating global disaster shouldn’t be easy. There is a certain amount of stress that comes from playing the game that makes it all the more enjoyable when you manage to succeed or at least not be as terrible as your previous playthrough!

If you’ve already played the base game then picking up The Last Autumn is a no brainer. If you’re yet to head into the world of Frostpunk you can check out our review for more information.

Frostpunk: The Last Autumn is available now on Steam.

     January 21st  

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