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VR game Winter Fury: Longest Road leaves early access on 18th December

Winter Fury: Longest Road has been available as a Steam Early Access game since May 2019. There aren’t too many reviews of the game at the moment but the people who have decided to leave one all speak positively about their experience whilst playing this new VR wave shooter from Spidermonk Entertainment.

Winter Fury: Longest Road is set during World War 2 and your task is to take on the Nazis using your experimental M-4 Sherman tank along with loads of other guns. The brand-new first-person Tank Commander mode allows players to experience tank combat from the inside of the M-4 cockpit.

View the Winter Fury: Longest Road trailer below:

“Winter Fury: Longest Road’s Tank Commander Mode changes the game entirely,” said Scott March, founder of SpiderMonk Entertainment. “Immersing yourself in the boots of tank operators and seeing through their eyes is both humbling and intense.”

If you’d rather take on the Nazi war machine by getting your hands dirty outside of your tank you’ll be able to use a range of historical armaments including Tommy guns, BARs, American Bazookas, sniper rifles and ever-reliable grenades.

Winter Fury: Longest Road also promises formidable foes with rehauled AI capable of flanking and taking cover across the countryside and through war-torn cityscapes. If they get the AI right it could make this a very challenging game indeed.

Winter Fury: Longest Road will be released in full on 18th December 2019 on Steam and will be compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality.

View some screenshots in our gallery below:

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