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Roblox Weekly Roundup: 28th October – 3rd November

Greetings fellow Roblox fans. Once again we’re here to share three different games from Roblox that have tickled our fancy over the previous week. As ever, we have a varied bunch so hopefully, you’ll enjoy at least one of the titles on our list.

First this week we have Retail Tycoon by Haggie125. In Retail Tycoon, you start off with a tiny store and your aim is to grow it into a massive retail outlet. You’ll be in charge of ordering, manning the tills, designing the store layout, cleaning and more. As your takings increase you can buy more land to expand your store and hire staff to do some of the jobs for you. I was especially impressed with the ordering mechanics in the game and it’s a fine line keeping the shelves full but not having all of your cash tied up in stock.

Credit: Roblox Corp

Next up is Anxiety by Zoidberg656. Anxiety is less of a game and more of an experience, in fact, it isn’t a game at all. Zoidberg656 says it best so here is what they have to say about the experience.

“I suffer from a severe social anxiety disorder and depression, and these things can often lead to me just getting really anxious and paranoid while alone. I made this game as a bit of an eye-opener, giving an idea of how anxiety can disturb its victim and cause them to go into a panic attack. Please note that not everyone experiences the same symptoms of anxiety.”

Before you dive in and have a look at Anxiety be warned that there are lots of flashing images throughout so it may not be suitable for everyone.

View the Anxiety trailer below:

Last up this week is Dragon Rage by TigerCode. Dragon Rage is a simple idea but really fun to play. Your aim is to survive on a map that is constantly being attacked by dragons. After each of the attacks, a portion of the map is destroyed giving you less space to hide. You can’t fight back and you’re at the mercy of the scaly beasts. This can lead to very tense end of round moments when you find yourself trapped and praying that you don’t get taken out.

View a round of Dragon Rage in the video below:

That’s if for this week folks, hopefully, there’s at least one thing in there that you like, remember to check back next week when we’ll have three more games for you to have a look at.

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