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The 10 spookiest games on Roblox you can play this Halloween

Lots of games to scare you silly this Halloween.

Credit: Roblox Corp

Greetings my fellow Roblox fans. The Halloween season is upon us and whilst almost every game on Roblox has had some form of Halloween themed update it doesn’t necessarily make them particularly spooky in any way. Yes, there are some cool limited-time challenges and unlockables but they aren’t overly scary. I’ve been delving into the countless games on the platform to pull together the list of my favourite spooky games that Roblox has to offer.

A Wolf or Other.

A Wolf or Other by Otter Space recently took a spot in my Roblox Weekly Roundup article and it deserves a place in this list too. A Wolf or Other is a take on the classic Murder Mystery game but with a unique twist. Players are randomly selected to be either an innocent, a hunter or a werewolf. The job on the innocents is to try and stay alive, the hunter is armed with a crossbow and is tasked with taking down the werewolf and the werewolf, you won’t be surprised to hear, is to kill everyone.

You can view some A Wolf or Other gameplay in our video below:

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra is a zombie survival game where teams of players have to fend off increasingly tough waves of zombies. As you progress you can earn XP and unlock new weapons to make the job taking down the hordes a little easier. There are different types of zombies to fight with different abilities and every so often there will be a boss battle which poses a significant challenge. As an interesting twist if you get killed you can respawn as one of the zombies making it even more challenging for your teammates.

View some gameplay in our video below:

Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies by logitech101. Project Lazarus: Zombies is clearly inspired by the zombie mode from Call of Duty and does a great job of creating an exciting game.

The premise is simple, a group of survivors needs to endure wave after wave of zombies and last as long as they can. As you kill zombies or repair barricades you earn points that can be spent on better weapons or removing obstacles that block up the map. As you would expect the first few waves are pretty easy but things soon get much tougher and require teamwork to survive. Occasionally a zombie will drop a power-up that benefits the whole team that might give extra ammo, short term instant kills or other buffs.

View some Project Lazarus: Zombies gameplay in the video below:

Stop It Slender

Stop it, Slender by Kinnis97 has to be the scariest game I’ve played in Roblox so far. The premise of the game is simple. Of the group of players, one is chosen to be Slenderman, the others are citizens. The citizens have to find eight pages of a journal that are scattered around the maps. Slenderman has to stop them.

The maps are creepy and full of jump scares, I almost fell out of my chair the first time I caught a glimpse of Slenderman. All it takes to kill you is to simply look at Slenderman for too long and your health drops at an alarming rate when you do. Stop it Slender is best played in a dark room and with headphones on to get the full effect.

View the Stop it, Slender trailer below:

Bear Alpha

Next up we have Bear Alpha by Cheedaman. First of all, if you do decide to play this please keep in mind that it is in the alpha stage and is not complete.

Bear is a game for 10 players, one of them plays as Bear with the others playing the role of survivors. Bear’s aim is to kill the survivors within five minutes and the survivors, well they just have to survive. Bear moves slightly faster than the survivors giving him a slight advantage but the survivors have a limited amount of sprinting available to get them out of sticky situations.

The levels are very spooky and dimly lit, this combined with the excellent soundtrack makes the game very eerie indeed. Even if there wasn’t a killer bear chasing after you the environments themselves are enough to give you the willies.

View some Bear Alpha gameplay in our video below:

Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a Dark House by iTamago is a super spooky murder mystery story. You play the role of a police detective attempting to solve the case of a murdered young boy. The game is set in a dark house and you have to solve various puzzles to solve the mystery. The lighting and sound are very atmospheric and the game is best played with headphones and in a dark room to get the full effect.

The Horror Elevator

The Horror Elevator by MrBoxz is a weird and wonderful game of the elevator genre within Roblox. The elevator will stop on random floors with each floor offering a different horror scenario. Pretty much all of the scenarios will try and kill you so be on your guard!


Granny by GabStudio is a take on the classic murder mystery style game set in the game world of Granny. One player is chosen at random to play the role of Granny whilst the remaining players need to stay alive until the timer runs out. The player taking on the role of Granny has to kill the other players before the timer runs out.

View the Granny trailer in the video below:

The Rake

The Rake by RVVZ is a very scary game indeed. The objective is simple, you must survive until daylight. Whilst this might sound easy the Rake is out there somewhere in the dark and is hellbent of tearing you apart limb by limb. The lighting and sound in The Rake are very atmospheric and will have your heart pumping in no time.

View the Rake trailer below:

Before the Dawn Redux

Before the Dawn Redux by Before the Dawn Official is another survival type game. Depending on the level chosen your objective might be to repair a truck to escape or a generator to provide light. There are lots of traps around the maps and I found myself dying a lot in my haste to make my way through the map. Not only is the map itself trying to kill you there are also plenty of nasties out there with murder on their mind.

View the Before the Dawn Redux trailer below:

Hopefully, you’ll agree that all of these games deserve a place on our spooky list of Roblox games. I encourage you to check them out and also to make sure you play in a dark room with headphones on the get the full experience.


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