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Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event announced

In the first of the new monthly Borderlands Show web series, Creative Director Paul Sage debuted the very first footage of the upcoming “Bloody Harvest” in-game event. Bloody Harvest is a free, Halloween-themed event that will launch next month and run for a limited time. The event will include brand new and appropriately themed Legendary weapons, character skins, enemy types, environments, and at least one seriously spooky boss battle.

Credit: 2K Games / Gearbox Studios

All players can take part in Bloody Harvest when it goes live in October, and it’s the first of many free updates and events you can expect from Borderlands 3. However, you will need to hunt some ghosts before you can gain entry to the special Bloody Harvest map.

Once you’ve earned entry into the Bloody Harvest map, beware: dreadful dangers abound at every turn. Look to the shadowy sky and you’ll see winged Rakk-O’-Lanterns soaring through the air, eager to swoop down and breathe fire in your face. Tread lightly through a ghastly graveyard crawling with Maliwan goons who’ve reserved a burial plot just for you. Resist the urge to retch as you fight through a Ratch-infested pit with rivers of blood running through it.

For all the info regarding the Bloody Harvest event check out the official blog.

View some more Bloody Harvest screenshots in our gallery below:

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