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Borderlands comes to Fortnite in new update

Fornite players can now experience a piece of Pandora in the latest map warping update. Patch 10.20 allows you to fight it out in the dusty world of Pandora and features a whole host of Borderlands/Fornite themed challenges and cosmetic rewards including the chance to buy your very own Claptrap. Sadly the bazillion guns haven’t managed to make the journey into Fortnite so you’ll have to make do with the standard guns.

Like the other Rift Zones, Pandora comes with its own unique perks including a shield that will recharge over a period of four seconds. In Creative Mode, you can use a new Pandora building set to create your own Borderlands themed arenas. This limited time crossover will run until 10th September.

View the Fortnite X Mayhem trailer below:

Patch 10.20 also adds a new item to the game in the form of a handy shield bubble in addition to continuing tweaks to the B.R.U.T.E. Mechs that have been the subject of some controversy of late. Players will now be able to see the mech on the minimap as soon as a player enters it making it much easier to avoid.

Check out the Fortnite website for more details on the latest update.

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