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Torchlight II is heading to consoles in September

Torchlight 2 has been about since 2012 and has become an ARPG classic gaining praise from gamers and critics alike. If you take a look at the Steam page there are over 22,000 player reviews and it is sat comfortably in the very positive lounge.

Now, publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Panic Button are hoping to replicate this success when the game launches on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 3rd September.

View the console announcement trailer below:

Torchlight II invites adventurers to Vilderan, a sprawling continent filled with monsters and adventure at every turn. Like the original Torchlight game, the sequel sets itself apart from other action RPGs with a charming art style, frantic combat, signature pet system and deep character customization. The console version retains these signature mechanics while adding enhanced controls, an improved targeting system and a new interface designed specifically with console gamers in mind.

Players will also discover updated achievements and trophies to earn through gameplay, plus brand new pets making their debut exclusively on console. In addition, Nintendo Switch users will have the opportunity to play Torchlight II with their friends via wireless play, allowing up to four players to connect multiple Nintendo Switch consoles together via a local wireless connection.

Torchlight II
Credit: Runic Games

“Torchlight II is an undisputed ARPG fan favourite, which is why we couldn’t wait to bring it to today’s generation of consoles.” Jason Park, Vice President, Business Development for Perfect World Entertainment. “We’ve really enjoyed working with Panic Button on bringing games in our portfolio to new and exciting platforms.”

“We’ve discovered that the core mechanics featured in Torchlight II translate really well onto consoles,” says Andy Boggs, Technical Director at Panic Button. “It’s a solid multiplayer experience with fast-paced action and an almost endless progression system. Our team has been working hard on the console version to make sure that the combat feels just as fun and satisfying as it did on PC.”

View some Torchlight 2 screenshots in our gallery below:

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