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E3 2019: Warframe shows off new Empyrean expansion trailer

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes have revealed the first new footage since TennoCon 2018 showcasing Warframe’s Empyrean expansion (previously called Codename: Railjack), at E3 in Los Angeles, California.

Empyrean is Digital Extremes’ ambitious co-operative space combat expansion, launching 1-4 players seamlessly from land into space into co-operative, tactical, ship-to-ship combat. For more Empyrean news, watch the trailer now and prepare to watch the biggest TennoCon event ever this summer on Saturday, 6th July.

Watch the Warframe: Empyrean teaser video now:

To help celebrate our community at this year’s TennoCon, Digital Extremes will give away a free Warframe for those who watch TennoLive (the final hour of TennoCon). Watch the stream via Twitch for 30 consecutive minutes with your Twitch and Warframe accounts linked and you’ll get Nekros Prime for free!

Check out the official Warframe website for more information and to download the game for free.

View some Warframe: Empyrean screenshots in our gallery:

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