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MotherFatherSon episode 8 recap

MotherFatherSon reached the end of the series tonight and the finale packed in plenty of surprises.

If you want to avoid spoilers for MotherFatherSon, stop reading this article now.

Caden (Billy Howle) left the rehab centre, saying goodbye to Orla (Niamh Algar) as he left and the two shared a tender moment. Could there be a future for them?

Max (Richard Gere) was summoned to see Jahan (Danny Sapani) and the two men had a frank and honest conversation. Jahan warned Max that he planned to win the election and told him that his job was to walk the line between those that voted for him and those that didn’t.

Kathryn (Helen McCrory) meanwhile considered Max’s offer to take over The National. Scott (Joseph Mawle) talked to her about it and she initially denied wanting the job but he pointed out that she really wanted to take it, and encouraged her to do so.

MotherFatherSon episode 8
Credit: BBC

Tensions continued to rise across the country and Kali (Karen Bryson) was the victim of a racist hate crime by a trio of white thugs who threw a bin down onto the windscreen of her car. She escaped with minor injuries and despite Lauren’s (Pippa Bennett-Warner) protests, Kali insisted on continuing to protest in the streets.

Kathryn went to pick Caden up and take him home and she encountered Orla. The two women had a brief chat and Kathryn told Orla that Caden chose her because she was beautiful not broken. Caden was discharged and taken back to his home with Scott keeping an eye on him.

Angela (Sarah Lancashire) tried to have a nice meal with her family but her kids didn’t appreciate it. Her daughter told her that people at school were calling Angela a fascist and Angela assured her that she was working for good.

Max paid Angela a visit and questioned what had really happened when her car was stoned. The insinuation was that Angela staged the attack for publicity but she wouldn’t confirm or deny anything.

MotherFatherSon episode 8
Credit: BBC

Back at Caden’s, Kathryn came clean with her son that Max had offered her his old job. He warned her not to take it, understanding that if she took it he would not be able to come clean about his past actions. Kathryn insisted that she wasn’t taking the job but Caden saw through her and told her that he didn’t understand why she wanted it.

Kathryn then met with Nick (Paul Ready) who was angry that Caden still wasn’t ready to talk to him and Maggie (Sinead Cusack). Instead Kathryn said she would speak to them but Nick wasn’t happy about it.

Following the incident with her mother, Lauren spoke with Max where she effectively resigned from her position. As he prepared the next day’s front page, Max tried to use Lauren’s ex-husband against her but she already knew the information he had to share. He then asked her to leave and Lauren broke down crying in the elevator.

Kathryn accompanied Nick to see Maggie at the hospice and told her that she had been offered a job by Max. While she tried to plead her case, Maggie cut her off and let her anger shine through. Kathryn insisted they will never get to Max and told her the only way she can make a difference would be to run the paper and right its wrongs.

Caden struggled to adjust to life in the outside world and tried to leave his house to get a fix. The door was locked and when he asked Scott for the key, Caden was surprised to be talked into staying on the straight-and-narrow by his mum’s new boyfriend. Scott also encouraged Caden to pursue a relationship with Orla.

MotherFatherSon episode 8
Credit: BBC

After her emotional meeting with Maggie, Kathryn went to The National to discuss the job offer with Max. She wanted to know what Angela had offered Max and he revealed that he would be able to control the televised news. Kathryn told him he was wrong to put his trust in her and warned him that she would throw him away as soon as she got the power she wanted.

Kathryn agreed to take the job on the condition that she got a five-year-term, full budgets and complete editorial control. After Kathryn left, Caden paid Max a visit and pointed out that his father always left eventually. Max invited Caden and Orla to stay with him and Sofia (Elena Anaya) and told him to let himself be happy.

The polls opened and the anti-social attacks and riots continued on. Jahan and his wife arrived to place their votes but his last-minute fight to keep his position was a failure as Angela was crowned the new Prime Minister by a landslide.

Caden went to visit Orla and the two kissed suggesting that there might be a future for them after all.

Max returned to Mexico to see his wife and told her that he loved her unconditionally.

MotherFatherSon episode 8
Credit: BBC

Presumably days later, Kathryn had a meeting with Angela. The two women didn’t particularly see eye-to-eye and Kathryn told Angela that she wouldn’t be reporting her news, which was the deal Angela had made with Max. Kathryn pledged to keep an eye on Angela for the next five years and the threat wasn’t lost on the new Prime Minister.

In a last ditch bid to try and buy favour in Mexico, Max offered to serve the leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Ignacio Cortes (Quique Medina) and help him win the next election.

As the episode wound to a close Caden and Orla were seen looking happy together in a new home, Nick left London with his family, Maggie passed away at the hospice, and Scott seemingly proposed to Kathryn.

Angela signed in a new bill about Public Safety and it was revealed that Kathryn is spying on her, in the same way that Caden had been spying on people.

In the final moments Max was by Sofia’s side as she gave birth to their son. She looked less than happy when Max picked the baby up and walked out of the room with him.

MotherFatherSon will be released on DVD on Monday 3rd June 2019. You can pre-order it now.

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