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MotherFatherSon episode 5 preview

A near fatal decision gave Caden (Billy Howle) a renewed thirst for life on the latest episode of MotherFatherSon.

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Frustrated with his situation, Caden decided that he wanted to die and when Orla (Niamh Algar) suggested they drown themselves in the pool at the rehabilitation centre, Caden agreed. Weighted down to the bottom of the pool, he changed his mind when he saw Orla struggle and they both barely survived the ordeal.

The following day Caden told Kathryn (Helen McCrory) he had something to live for and revealed his feelings for Orla. He also told her that he was worried she would find out his secrets and the things he’d done in his job. Both Caden and Kathryn were completely unaware that Max (Richard Gere) was listening in on everything.

Max meanwhile tried to derail Jahan’s (Danny Sapani) election campaign by smearing him in his newspaper. He also decided to back Angela (Sarah Lancashire) but Lauren (Pippa Bennett-Warner) wasn’t convinced they were making the right decision.

Kathryn called Max and told him to meet her and Caden, who she took out of the rehab centre on day release. As they waited for Max to arrive, Caden warned his mother that she didn’t truly know the man she was once married to and he was fearful of his father arriving.

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The synopsis for episode 5 is:

Kathryn (Helen McCrory), Max (Richard Gere) and Caden (Billy Howle) gather at a remote farmhouse to delve into personal and political revelations. Will the family fight take to the world stage?

MotherFatherSon continues at 9pm Wednesday on BBC Two. Preview the episode with our gallery below:

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