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Intruders: Hide and Seek launches for PSVR

Daedalic Entertainment and the Spanish developer Tessera Studios have released their VR psycho thriller Intruders: Hide and Seek for PlayStation VR. The game has already won several accolades including the PlayStation Talent Award, SXSW Best Gaming Pitch Award and F&S Premio Titanium Awards.

In Intruders: Hide and Seek, three mysterious strangers break into a countryside vacation house and retain the Richter family as hostage. With your parents restrained and your sister hiding you become Ben, the eldest son, who is stuck in the house with the intruders. You will have to find a way to save your family while you figure out who the three assailants are and what they want.

Watch the Intruders: Hide and Seek release trailer below:

As Ben you will have to move around unnoticed, avoid any confrontation and help your family in order to survive the worst night of their lives. In addition, you will be able to use the VR-perspective to get a full and detailed view of the floors. However, you have to think about your next steps because each of the intruders has a specific perspective. You have to skip every coneshaped field of vision, survive for the family’s sake and try to call for help.

Intruders: Hide and Seek is available digitally and in stores priced at £15.99. It will also be coming to PC via Steam with VR support in Winter 2019.

View some screenshots of Intruders: Hide and Seek in our gallery:

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