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January’s most interesting music releases: from TDRMRK to The Chemical Brothers

Before you have a look at my picks below I must warn you, you’re not going to find anything mainstream here.

If you want pop music this definitely isn’t the list for you. My tastes tend to veer towards hip-hop and music influenced by this culture but I’m also partial to a bit of nasty metal and a few other odd bits and pieces.

My aim here is to showcase some artists, tracks or albums that you might not have heard of, you might not like any of it but you just might discover something new that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard of.

Hands up by TDRMRK

TDMRK are DJ Nu Mark (Jurassic 5) Slimkid3 (Pharcyde) and Austin Antoine.

“Tre and I initially planned to record only one record for Delicious Vinyl but our musical chemistry combined with countless inbox messages ignited the TRDMRK EP!” Nu-Mark tells HipHopDX.

Check out the video

Dust by Serengeti

A really nice 6 track EP from rapper Serengeti. All of the tracks have a cool laid back feel, definitely not one to dance to but great if you want to relax or you’re feeling introspective.

Fatboy Slim VS New Zealand

This is a 5 track EP featuring remixes of some of Fatboy Slim’s most popular tracks. It’s a cool sounding set of tracks and features remixes from Terace Chores, Magik J, Dan Aux, t1r and State of Mind. The original tracks are completely transformed into new works.

Back to Mine by Nightmares on Wax

The Back to Mine series has been running for 20 years now and latest in the mix series comes from Nightmares on Wax. Whilst the album is very chilled (as you would expect from Nightmares on Wax) there are a few surprises in there too.

Harmony Hall / 2021 by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend are back after a massive break and boy the wait was worth it. Within seconds you know it’s a Vampire Weekend track featuring their unique sound.

Tarantula by Beck

Not one to sit still in terms of musical creativity Tarantula by Beck is yet another curve ball from the diverse artist. It’s very slow and atmospheric and is certainly to divide people, it’s definitely in the marmite category.

Sincerely, the P by People Under Stairs

We featured People Under the Stairs in our article The 10 best rap artists you’ve probably never heard of and their new album Sincerely, the P shows the guys at their best. It features their trademark sound of dusky beats and great lyricism.

Got to Keep on by The Chemical Brothers

Definitely one for the dancefloor, this new track from The Chemical Brothers needs to be played loud to get its full effect, preferably with a smoke machine somewhere, strobes and some laser lights!

Now the beauty of music is that it can create debate, although I love all of the music above you might hate it and that’s ok. Please let us know your thoughts on the list, your likes / dislikes or anything you’ve heard in the last month that you’d like to share with the world.

We’d love to hear your thoughts so get in touch on Twitter @entfocusmusic!

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