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Only a few days left to take out Sean Bean in Hitman 2

Sean Bean is starring as the first Elusive Target in the recently released Hitman 2. Players will have until the 4th of December to take out Sean’s character the Undying. You can find him on the Miami map and can approach the hit in any way you see fit. Remember that you only get one attempt at these missions and if you fluff it you don’t get a second chance. Also if you don’t even make an attempt, after December 4th you won’t get to try again.

You can check out the Undying launch video below:

By taking part in in this mission players will be able to unlock the new, fan selected explosive pen and add it to their inventory for use in other missions.

Lots of players (60.4%) have already taken down the Undying with the fastest completion time being just 47 seconds! The most popular weapon used has been the ICA 19 Handgun with the rarest weapon kill being shuriken throwing stars. Personally I’d like to try a fish take down first but that’s just me!

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Hitman 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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