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Spacehulk Tactics is coming soon

Cyanide Studios are the next to have a go at the Warhammer 40k universe with their turn-based strategy shooter Space Hulk Tactics which will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 9th.

Space Hulk pits a squad of Terminator Space Marines (basically walking tanks) vs genestealers who inhabit floating dead spaceships know as spacehulks. These genestealers are pretty nasty and will rip a Terminator to shreds given half a chance.

Watch the Space Hulk Tactics launch video below

Cyanide Studios are staying true to the board game roots keeping everything turn-based. You can play as either the Terminators or the genestealers so it should be great fun to play with friends. If you play as the Terminators you can only view the genestealers as radar blips until you have line of site, each blip can contain up to 3 genestealers which really adds to the tension of not knowing what you might be walking into. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best as they say!

There is a campaign for both Terminators and genestealers but more interestingly you will be able to make your own missions which is in keeping with the clip together nature of the original board game. On top of this you are able to customize your Terminators / genestealers across 4 different marine chapters / hive fleets.

View some Space Hulk Tactics screen shots in our gallery 

Looking at the trailer the game looks dark, grimy and claustrophobic as you would expect plus those genestealers look downright scary. Everything seems in order so far so get out there strap on you power armour or big pointy claws if that’s your cup of tea and let battle commence!

You can pre-order Space Hulk Tactics today on Steam and get special bonuses, including a 10% discount, immediate beta access, and unique second founding colour schemes for your Terminators.

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