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Refugee documentary Another News Story is released today

Gallivant Films and Wislocki Films absorbing and unmissable documentary Another News Story is out in cinemas now.

The gripping feature documentary debut from Director Orban Wallace screened at the East End Film Festival last week following its World Premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017 and its UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival.

Another News Story captures both the groundfloor perspective of the European refugee crisis, and the jarring press frenzy that surrounds it. The film will be shown at the Curzon Bloomsbury London – Bertha Dochouse starting today.

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Another News Story was filmed during the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis. Wallace’s film follows refugees from the Greek island of Lesbos, into Hungary and Croatia and across Europe to a hoped-for sanctuary. The film chronicles a journey beset by physical deprivation and danger, bureaucratic and political obstacles and thousands of miles of uncertainty. But the British director also turns his camera on the world media on assignment in the Mediterranean as they cover the unfolding humanitarian tragedy.

In today’s chaotic era, what is the who, how, and why of the 24-hour breaking news cycle as it relates to global conflicts and crises? When faced with immeasurable suffering, how do they balance their humanity with professional objectivity and the day to day mundanity of their jobs. Is it possible to walk the line between a good story and sensationalism? Or, glazed, do you just go after another news story?

The film boasts a sumptuous soundtrack by composers Ash Koosha (star of Cannes special Jury prize winner No One Knows About Persian Cats 2009) and Noemie Ducimetiere (who also gives striking vocal performances), with additional music from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Amon Tobin, James Jones, The Hidden Orchestra, and Vahakn Gehlhaar-Matossian.

Another News Story
Credit: Wislocki Films/Gallivant Film

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