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AER – Memories of Old takes flight today

Daedalic and Forgotten Key have announced that AER – Memories of Old is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux priced at £13.89.

Developed for five years and nominated for Best Indie Game at Gamescom 2017, AER – Memories of Old is an exploration-focused adventure game set amongst the clouds featuring a grand, expansive world of floating islands and mysterious shrines. Players play as Auk, a girl who has the ability to transform at will between bird and human form, as she effortlessly soars amongst a sea of fully explorable islands to visit nomads, discover spirit animals, and uncover the ruins of a lost ancient civilization. Players can easily slip between the worlds of land and air to experience the true freedom of flight and the vast beauty of the awe-inspiring landscape.

Watch the official AER – Memories of Old launch trailer below:

[brid video=”172170″ player=”531″ title=”AERMemories of Old Release Trailer”]


Long ago, a great calamity shattered the world leaving only the drifting fragments of the floating islands behind. Auk must journey to learn more about the world that preceded her own as well as its downfall in order to prevent such a catastrophe to befall her world again.

With a distinct, low-poly art style, the world of AER is designed to be both beautiful and mysterious as explorers take in soaring vistas while encountering secretive temples and the puzzles within. The playstyle is unrestricted as players are free to explore the vast world at will, taking up objectives and quests as they go to uncover more of the enigma at the heart of the game. Transform seamlessly into bird-form with free flight mechanics as you dip below the waterfalls and mountains or return to human form to explore old ruins and venture down into the ancient temples of the Land of Gods.

EF will have a full review of AER – Memories of Old for you later this month. Check out the official Forgotten Key website for more information on the game.

View some screenshots from AER – Memories of Old in our gallery:

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