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Children of Zodiarcs coming to PC and PS4 on July 18th

Square Enix Collective have revealed that Cardboard Utopia will launch the tactical RPG Children of Zodiarcs for PS4 and PC via Steam on 18th July 2017. The game raised more than five times its target on Kickstarter at the start of 2016.

Developer, Cardboard Utopia, says it aimed to recapture and build upon the spirit of the tactical RPGs that so captivated gamers during the 16-bit and 32-bit eras.

Square Enix Collective, who are handling publishing, have said that it’s the indie nature of Children of Zodiarcs that drew their attention. Cardboard Utopia’s vision has been to take the tactical RPG model and bring a fresh approach to it, combining the genre with elements from some of the studio’s favourite board games.

Watch the Children of Zodiarcs announcement trailer below:

[brid video=”140169″ player=”531″ title=”Children of Zodiarcs Release Day Announcement Trailer”]


Samuel Daher, Design Director at Cardboard Utopia said:

[blockquote]We’ve brought together deck-building and dice-crafting with grid-based combat arenas. It’s a mechanic we think combines strategy with controlled risk to build tension, anticipation, and excitement. Add to that some big characters and a big story, and what you end up with is a tactical RPG that’s larger than life.[/blockquote]

Children of Zodiarcs tells the story of a gang of thieves who take on an empire suffocating its people with fear and cruelty by stealing a priceless, and mysterious relic. It brings together tactical action with card decks and dice that unlock special powers aplenty. It’s a combination designed to ensure the battles in play are as varied as they are exciting.

EF will be bringing you a preview of the game later this month with a full review around launch time. Check out the official Children of Zodiarcs website for more information on the game.

View some Children of Zodiarcs screenshots in our gallery:

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