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Elementary 5×22 Moving Targets preview

On the latest episode of Elementary, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) worked to solve who had attacked Chantal (Chasten Harmon).

At the end of last episode we feared the worst for Detective Bell’s (Jon Michael Hill) girlfriend, Chantal after she was brutally attacked in her home. It wasn’t clear if she had survived or not.

Fortunately she survived the ordeal but her injuries were incredibly severe with broken bones, loss of blood and a coma. At the hospital Bell waited for news and Captain Gregson (Aiden Quinn), Sherlock and Watson arrived to see what was happening.

Bell was convinced that the attack had been carried out by Chantal’s ex-partner, Roy. Captain Gregson took him to one side and told him he needed to sit this one out. He also offered help should Bell want anything.

Sherlock revealed that the attacker had probably taken their time breaking in via a window. He felt the attacker was waiting for Chantal when she got home. As well as beating her the attacker had urinated on her bed. Sherlock promised Bell that justice would be done.

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Roy was brought in for questioning but denied the allegations. He said he had been working as a divorce lawyer investigator and had been working the night of the attack. Without enough evidence to charge him the police had to let him go. Roy threatened them as he left.

Back at the hospital, Watson updated Bell. He told her how he hated hospitals due to a time his mother stayed in one when he was young. Roy turned up with flowers and Marcus lost it. Security had to break it up and send Roy on his way.

Meanwhile, Sherlock was able to confirm Roy’s alibi. That meant he couldn’t have carried out the attack. It became clear he was being set up when the DNA results of the urine were a perfect match to Roy. Before they could question him again he turned up dead in his car having apparently committed suicide. In his car boot was the bloodied weapon used to beat Chantal.

Forensics determined that Roy had been murdered. It must have been by the same person who beat Chantal. Sherlock and Watson wonder if it could have been one of the people he was following for his job. Sherlock decides that Bell should go with him to interview the boss at the firm where Roy worked.

He wouldn’t tell them directly but pointed Sherlock and Bell in the right direction. He gave them enough information to search for what they needed. It led them to discover a millionaire who had been arrested for beating his wife.

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They also discover that the new lead had left his fingerprints on the window of Roy’s car. Bell interviewed him and he admitted to spotting Roy following him and slapping his car window. He claimed that he wasn’t responsible for beating Chantal or the murder of Roy.

Sure that they had found the culprit, Bell waited outside his home. When the man came out Bell was going to do him harm. Before he could move the man was attacked and his car was stolen. Bell’s phone rang and it was Sherlock. He attacked the man to prevent Bell getting into trouble for much worse.

Bell went to meet Sherlock and they spoke. Sherlock mentioned Watson told him about Bell’s mother. He had deduced that Bell’s father used to beat his mother. Bell said it was true and that he would also get beaten. He thanked Sherlock for his help.

Next they tracked down the man who investigated Roy. He explains that he passed the information over after Chantal was attacked and Roy was killed. Then Sherlock had an idea which led them to a lockbox of Roy’s. Inside was $100,000 cash and a list of clients.

They worked out that they had been falsely reporting how much money their client’s husbands had and stealing the rest. With the help of the female clients and a previous drug test. They were able to work out that it was the divorce lawyer business owner who beat Chantal and killed Roy.

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At the end of the episode, Sherlock told Bell that he was an extraordinary man. He then invited him out to try a new insect restaurant.

The next episode is Moving Targets. When a reality TV star is killed, Holmes and Watson find themselves up against one of the most skilled murderers they have ever pursued.

Tune in to Sky Living HD at 9pm on Tuesday to see the episode.

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