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The Catch 2×06 The Hard Drive preview

The woman behind Margot’s (Sonya Walger) torment was revealed to be her daughter Tessa (Philippa Coulthard) on the latest episode of The Catch.

Picking up where the previous episode left off, Margot was surprised to learn that 15-year-old Tessa was claiming to be her daughter. Leaving Tessa in Alice (Mireille Enos) and Val’s (Rose Rollins) custody, Margot visited her mother Sybil (Lesley Nicol) in prison to find out if Tessa could really be her daughter.

While Alice ordered a DNA test on Tessa, she tried to get information out of the teenager and by confiscating her mobile phone discovered she was working with Felix (Marc Crumpton), one of Margot’s lieutenants. Felix set a trap for Margot to kill her but Danny (Jay Hayden) discovered it and called in a bomb squad to disarm it.

Felix then went after Sybil who was being transported to a different prison. Danny took Felix down and Margot drove off with her mother, who she asked to stay in town.

Alice learned that Tessa believed Ben (Peter Krause) to be her father and when the DNA test came back confirming Margot was her mother, Ben was invited to meet his daughter.

Meanwhile Rhys (John Simm) was unwillingly pulled into a con to capture thief Chloe Jackson (Missi Pyle) for Agent Diaz (Gina Torres). He eventually co-operated when he realised Chloe had tried to cross him and Agent Diaz informed both Rhys and Ben that she could secure them jobs as FBI consultants once their deal is over.

Elsewhere Val received an unexpected visit from Nick (Kevin Carroll) who wanted to hire AVI to dig up dirt on him and would mean Alice would once again have to come into contact with her ex Ethan (Warren Christie).

The next episode of the season is The Hard Drive. Alice and Val reexamine the cold case that brought them together as partners.

Tune in to Sky Living HD at 10pm on Tuesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery and the promo below:

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