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10 things we want from Suits season 7

Suits recently concluded its sixth season and I’m already pondering what the future holds for the long-running legal drama.

If you haven’t seen season 6 of Suits and want to avoid spoilers, we suggest you stop reading now. If you have seen it and want to hear my thoughts, keep reading.

The sixth season saw Mike (Patrick J. Adams) endure, and get released from, prison and try to rebuild his life as his criminal past hung over him. In the second half of the season Mike landed a job at a legal clinic but was soon drawn back to Pearson Specter Litt when the opportunity to pass the bar was dangled in front of him by Harvey (Gabriel Macht).

Despite his insistence that he didn’t want to go back to PSL and a tough challenge from Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope), who made his bar hearing as unpleasant and difficult as possible, Mike came full circle as he was made another offer by Harvey that included utilising the talent of the legal clinic too.

Elsewhere in the season Jessica (Gina Torres) left town with Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) but returned to help Mike become a real lawyer. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) had a personal crisis that resulted in her realising she needed more from life than what she had, Louis (Rick Hoffman) embarked on a relationship with architect Tara (Carly Pope) but she couldn’t get past some of his underhand activities, and Rachel (Meghan Markle) passed the bar with a little help from Harvey and Louis.

With Mike back at PSL and now a proper lawyer, the series is finally free of plot revolving around his secret. Of course his past could, and likely will, come back to haunt him but it should prove an interesting move forward for both Mike as a character and the series as a whole.

I’ve listed the 10 things I want from Suits when it returns for its seventh season later this year.

1. More Mike and Harvey scenes. The show did its best in season 6 to give us some classic Mike and Harvey scenes but nothing beats the two characters sparring with one another at PSL. With Mike taking over Harvey’s office and able to freely practice law, I hope to see a lot more of the dynamic between the show’s most entertaining characters.

2. An actual plot for Donna. The whole saga of ‘The Donna’ was a big old mess. It felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with Donna so they made up a ludicrous plot, that eventually led to her realising she was unfulfilled and wanted more out of life. The character could have come to that conclusion without the ridiculous ‘The Donna’ plot. Sarah Rafferty is one of the show’s biggest assets and it’s time the show treated her like that.

3. Louis to concentrate on proving his worth at PSL. He’s a capable lawyer but his personal life and his behaviour often means his professional abilities are overlooked. Harvey is assuming the top position but I think Louis could do a better job if he pulled himself together and concentrated on his legal prowess. To be honest I’d be happy to just not have a drawn-out subplot that you know is going to end in tears for him.

4. Mike and Rachel to get married. They’re over their hurdle, Mike’s out of prison and they’re both lawyers now. It’s time the lovebirds got some real happiness and had that wedding that almost happened in season 5.

5. Mike’s legal clinic storyline to continue. I really liked that Mike was in charge of training up Oliver (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) and I hope the show doesn’t abandon Mike’s desire to do good in the world. It seems that Oliver and possibly Marissa (Athena Karkanis) may end up working in the associate pool at PSL and I’d be very interested to see how the characters would react to being in a more corporate and cut-throat environment.

6. Jessica to play some part. I know actress Gina Torres left the show due to personal reasons but there’s now rumours she may be getting her own spin-off. Whether she does or not, I really want Jessica to still appear on Suits, no matter how infrequently that is. I still find it a little hard that she would give it all up and leave her company behind.

7. Rachel blossoming into a great lawyer. She’s spent so long working under the rest of the characters that it’s time for Rachel to shine. She’s passed the bar and she has a good job offer with PSL, courtesy of Louis. It’s time she stood on her own two feet and showed her father what a fantastic and capable lawyer she is.

8. More case arcs. Suits has really found its stride in recent seasons by concentrating on a single case arc over several episodes. It gives the storylines some time to breathe and the show has proven it can throw plenty of unexpected curveballs.

9. Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) to make a full-time comeback. She’s back at PSL but Amanda’s commitment to 12 Monkeys means the show can’t have her full-time. That show has just been renewed and cancelled, so she should be a lot freer very soon. Katrina has evolved as a character I love and her chemistry with Louis is brilliant.

10. New blood. Each season of Suits introduces a handful of new characters and I’d love some really dastardly opponents for Harvey, Louis, Mike and Rachel. Playing dirty is what PSL is best at and I hope that there’s plenty of that to come in season 7.

Suits returns for a seventh season this summer on USA Network in the US and Dave in the UK.

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Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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