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Emmerdale Spoilers: Laurel leaves Ashley

Welcome to our weekly look ahead and what’s going to happen to your favourite characters in Emmerdale.  It looks like Laurel has had enough, Rakesh is digging an even bigger hole and Belle doesn’t want to let Dr Bailey go.

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Laurel leaves Ashley

As Laurel starts the week with a hangover, she’s lucky that Ashley still doesn’t remember she’s an alcoholic and pretends he was the one who drunk all the wine.  Marlon isn’t so stupid and when he sees Laurel he realises she’s had a drink.  Soon she’s making a pass at him but he pushes her away and makes her a big breakfast instead but as he leaves she pours another glass of wine…

Later, Laurel decides she needs to leave Ashley and he takes the news hard.  Sandy finds a distraught Ashley and tells him not to give up on Laurel but help her find a way to cope instead.  As Laurel walks and talks with her dad, she confesses he was right to say their relationship was doomed.  Surprisingly Doug is adamant that he was wrong and takes her to the church to remind her of the vows she made.  Will he persuade her to return to Ashley?

Belle fakes a pregnancy to win back Dr Bailey

Belle & The Dingles, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

As news reaches Belle that Dr Bailey has been suspended it’s down to Charity to try and keep her away from him.  She threatens Dr Bailey and is shocked when he says he is leaving for good so there’s nothing to worry about.  Belle is desperate to get him back and tells him she’ll leave with him, adding that she’s pregnant.

Later, Belle is caught trying to sneak away to run off with Dr Bailey and her family are not happy.  As Zak and Charity go at Dr Bailey, Belle shouts that she’s pregnant to get them to stop.  The Dingles are stunned that Belle had planned to leave without telling them, but Lisa warns Zak and Cain they need to play this one cleverly if they want to keep Belle from leaving.

Soon Belle and Dr Bailey are summoned to attend a Dingle family meeting, but what is their plan?

The insurance company is on to Rakesh

Rakesh & Priya Kotecha, Emmerdale
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Rakesh gets stressed as he rangles with the insurance company over Mill Cottage.  Later, when Rakesh and Priya find an insurance man on the property, he lies to her and hopes she’s fallen for it.  Priya’s isn’t stupid however, and it’s not long before she’s suspicious about the fire and shares her thoughts with David, not knowing that Pierce is listening in.

It’s Priya’s 30th and Rishi and Rakesh have been planning a surprise party which ends up being at the factory.  Priya storms into the factory knowing nothing about the party and confronts Rakesh about the fire and is horrified when he tells her there’s a surprise party inside for her.  He gives her an expensive necklace for her birthday, but if he thought he’d gotten off the hook he is much mistaken.  Neville shows up and accuses him of making a fraudulent insurance claim.  Rakesh threatens to sue, but Neville counters that would mean a police investigation.

Inside the party is in full swing and a worried Priya is looking for Rakesh.  When she finds him, he tells her the insurance company are going to pay out and everything is fine.  Later, Rakesh takes drastic measures and calls a Payday Loan company.


Holly Barton & Jai Sharma, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Victoria wants to ditch the van and go back to the pub kitchen.  A guilty Holly consoles her and tries to encourage her not to let the assault ruin her dreams.  It seems that Holly may have taken her own advice as she attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and is horrified to bump into Jai.  However, he tries to help her and encourages her to throw away any drugs she has.  Will she go clean or will the urge be too strong, especially when she learns the police have caught Victoria’s attacker?

Vanessa and Carly organise a girls’ night out in Hotten to cheer up Tracy who is maudlin over the situation with David.  She pulls much to David’s distress and when she wakes up with a hangover the next morning, her new lover is nowhere to be seen, neither is the TV or laptop.  She panics and announces they’ve been burgled.  How long before that lie turns and bites back?

Pearl gets the wrong end of the stick when she overhears a conversation between Rhona, Vanessa and Pierce and thinks Rhonessa is back on.  Rhona explains to Pierce what happened when she was addicted to painkillers and it obviously hasn’t gone down well as he later tells her they should split before one of them gets hurt.  Can a passionate PDA from Rhona win him back round?

Could Ronnie be the next internet sensation when Doug approaches him about appearing in his DIY vlog?

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