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24: Legacy 1×09 8:00PM – 9:00PM preview

Carter (Corey Hawkins) and Andy’s (Dan Bucatinsky) plan didn’t go smoothly on the latest episode of 24: Legacy.

Andy uploaded a virus to the drive as planned but Jadalla (Raphael Acloque) had prepared for that possibility by supplying a dummy drive. When Andy refused to recover the actual drive, Jadalla used torture to get him to toe the line.

Isaac (Ashley Thomas) and Nicole (Anna Diop) faced off against Jadalla’s men, who pursued them after they had been released. Keeping one of the injured men alive, Isaac tortured him to get Jadalla’s location and then enlisted his men to help rescue Eric.

Meanwhile the Director of National Intelligence ordered an air strike on the compound, which would kill everyone inside. Isaac arrived shortly before the strike and rescued Eric and Andy but was injured himself.

The air strike hit but Andy managed to secure the drive and Eric went in pursuit of Jadalla, who was badly injured and captured.

Elsewhere Eric recognised Asim Naseri (Oded Fehr) who escaped following the air strike, John (Jimmy Smits) demanded the termination of his father Henry’s (Gerald McRaney) interrogation, and Rebecca (Miranda Otto) instructed Tony (Carlos Bernard) to stand down when the news of Jadalla’s capture broke.

The next episode of the season is 8:00PM – 9:00PM. A threat forces CTU to go on lockdown. Meanwhile, Carter finds himself in a tense situation and Donovan reaches out to Rebecca when he faces a big decision.

Tune in to FOX HD at 9pm tonight to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery and the promo below:

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