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KontrolFreek announces licensing deals for Call of Duty and Destiny

KontrolFreek, creators of the popular FPS Freek, has announced major licensing deals with the Call of Duty and Destiny franchises. The partnerships include several new products that will launch throughout 2016, and will be co-branded and designed to optimize gameplay in each AAA title.

Building off of a successful partnership in 2015, Activision is continuing its relationship with KontrolFreek for 2016. In 2015, KontrolFreek, in partnership with Activision, developed five Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty Championship themed products for release, including the popular KontrolFreek Call of Duty Black Ops III Jugger-Nog thumbstick.

KontrolFreek Call of Duty Black Ops III Jugger-Nog thumbstick
KontrolFreek Call of Duty Black Ops III Jugger-Nog thumbstick

KontrolFreek has also announced a licensing deal with Bungie to create new products for Destiny.

“The team is thrilled to be working with KontrolFreek to introduce new thumbsticks and even more for Destiny,” said Jim McQuillan, Visual Identity and Brand Creative Director at Bungie. “This year we’re hoping to work together with KontrolFreek to create some unique designs that embody the Destiny experience for our fans.”

Watch the video below to learn the science behind KontrolFreek:

[brid video=”32134″ player=”531″ title=”The Science Behind KontrolFreek”]


President and CEO of KontrolFreek, Ashish Mistry, anticipates a watershed year for the company, including huge successes with the licensed products.

“We’re on track for a huge 2016,” said Mistry. “We are always looking for new ways to give our customers high-quality products that reflect their game style and their favorite titles. These new licensing deals solidify that strategy even more and we can’t wait to see what the future brings with these two fantastic brands.”

The licensed products will launch throughout the 2016 calendar year, with release dates set as early as this spring. They will be available online and at major retailers like BestBuy, GAME UK and GameStop. The company will also release several original products throughout the year.

Check out the official KontrolFreek website for more information.

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