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Thriller review

Thriller celebrates the music of the greatest entertainer of all time – Michael Jackson. Thriller has been revamped, been given a huge overhaul, everything that you can think of – to make it now, one of the liveliest and feel-good shows in the West End. When we saw the last production, we were hugely underwhelmed and so to see the show at its full potential, is fabulous to see. The new version of Thriller is fantastic and its exactly what we hoped could happen to the show. We knew that with some work done behind the scenes, it would have the potential to become a great show and now it is.

The show starts with History and from there on, we are treated to over thirty songs, over the course of Michael’s career. Stage illusion, a great set design, elaborate costumes and a fabulous cast now gives Thriller the wow factor. The creative team behind Thriller’s have captured the sense of Michael’s ground-breaking dancing, stunning songs and the overall gloss and stage magic that made a Michael Jackson show so enthralling and they have worked that into a traditional theatre setting.

Credit: Irina Chira

We are taken on a journey from his early beginnings with the Jackson 5 – right through his back catalogue of hits and his classic songs, which stand the test of time in being amazing and having the ability to alter somebody’s mood in seconds, with the infectious melodies and classic hooks. Four new Michael Jackson songs – Who’s Loving You, Rockin’ Robin, Remember The Time and Human Nature have now been added to the show. Crowd participation, fun, respect for Michael and his music, this show is everything that a music fan wants to see. Everyone has a favourite Michael Jackson song and they are all performed with huge enthusiasm and energy.

There are so many talented individuals in the show, but for us – the stand out performer was Michael as a child, as a part of the Jackson 5, before he went solo. With a cheeky persona and hair as big as his smile, the young man stole the stage and the talent that he has is raw and he has it in abundance. Slick choreography and smart movements make for a visual spectacular. Lazers, lights and magic – the new Thriller has everything that you could want to see from a live show. A huge bravo to the whole team. We are thrilled with this new version of Thriller and have no doubts that it will continue to run for a very long time.

Carys Jones
Carys Jones
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