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Rumpy Pumpy! at the King’s Head and Landor

Rumpy Pumpy! is based on the true story of two nice ladies from the Hampshire WI, Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels, who set out on a campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution and to improve conditions for working girls. As the conflicting worlds of Women’s Institute members and working girls collide for tea and crumpets, comedy and chaos ensues in this very British new musical comedy.

Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels are contacted by brash brothel Madame, Holly Spencer, who claims to have the ‘perfect brothel’ that they are looking for – a health and safety checked brothel that the police and town Councillors are aware of, ‘they’re our best customers’. Travelling to Amsterdam and to the Bunny Farm Brothel in Nevada, Jean and Shirley are universally unimpressed by working conditions. They decide to head home and set up their own mobile brothel on the streets of Winchester to change people’s hearts and minds.

Rumpy Pumpy! is part of the King’s Head Theatre’s ‘Without Décor’ writers season, offering bold writers a platform to develop their work.

Performance Dates:

Saturday 28th March, 3pm (King’s Head Theatre)

Saturday 4th April, 3pm (King’s Head Theatre)

Thursday 9th April, 3pm (King’s Head Theatre)

Tuesday 14th April – Friday 17th April, 7.30pm (Landor Theatre)

Saturday 18th April, 3pm and 7.30pm (Landor Theatre)

Sunday 19th April, 3pm (Landor Theatre)

Check out the Rumpy Pumpy! website for more details, and book through kingsheadtheatre.com or www.landortheatre.co.uk.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
Book editor, with an interest in cult TV.

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