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Strictly Come Dancing spotlight: Scott Mills

Radio DJ and TV presenter Scott Mills has been entertaining the nation on BBC Radio 1 for over 15 years and now he’s about to face his biggest challenge to date by appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Why did Scott sign up for the ballroom show? ‘I signed up because I like to do something every year that makes me scared. As much as I say I don’t like being scared, I obviously do. Which makes me an adrenaline junkie! Four or five years ago I wouldn’t have considered it but I feel braver now. I did street dancing with Olly Murs on TV and the Sport Relief desert trek where we trekked across the desert in Kenya – I never thought I’d be able to do that. So here we are! That’s why I said yes. I don’t know whether I’ll live to regret it…’

Scott doesn’t consider himself to be a very competitive person. ‘Not massively. Or I don’t think I am. But I’ve not really been in a situation where I’ve been up against people before. I want to make it good. I don’t want to be ‘the bad one’ so that makes me a bit competitive already…I’m going to do as much as I can, try my best and hopefully do alright.’

When it comes to dancing he doesn’t believe he has any skills. ‘Awful. Zero. Non-existent because I’ve never done it. But let’s find out, I might be brilliant!’

Strictly Come Dancing returns at 8pm Sunday on BBC One. Watch Scott’s launch interview below:

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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