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Veronika Vesper interview

We chat to the emerging electro-pop star about her bold new single.

Veronika Vesper

Rising star Veronika Vesper is ready to make a statement with her single Fuck The Ego which is out this week.

The alt-electro pop artist is bursting onto the pop music scene with a sound that is uniquely hers and a distinctive look that separates her from the pack. Growing up in a creative family she learned to play various musical instruments as well as fine tune her acting and performance style.

We caught up with Veronika to talk about her single, find out more about her music and what she’s like in the studio.

Hi how are you today! What have you been up to?

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Ello, wonderful, thank you. A bit tired as I went to see Flux Pavilion (who smashed it as always) with some friends last night, but really happy . Today it’s been a work out and a dance class so far…trying to keep the energy levels up.

You’re releasing your debut single Fuck The Ego. Tell us about the track and the inspiration behind it?

Fuck The Ego was written based on frustration with my own ego. I was on a meditation retreat and just started to feel that after years of practice I was getting on top of my disturbing emotions and started to take things less personally , until something minor and ridiculous happened, which totally pulled me off my centre and I saw myself as a target again and just thought to myself: “how am I ever gonna get over this weird animal?” … and this voice in my head said: ” f*ck the ego, f*ck the ego…” and I kept repeating it …just being impatient and angry with myself, until I started singing and eventually turned it into a song 🙂

So why do I wanna dissolve my ego? Because ego is an illusion of separation from others and it’s a source of all suffering. It’s a basic ignorance which is the core of all disturbing emotions like jealousy, anger, pride, attachment – greed which generally make our lives more difficult. Ego is basically the reason we miss the fun inherited in every situation, because we take ourselves too seriously. We obviously are this separate stream of consciousness with certain characteristics, but we are also a part of the whole. Not operating from the “ego mode” is much easier, cuz we don’t see ourselves as a target all the time. Think about the last five times you got annoyed or frustrated and how many of those started off cuz you were thinking of yourself?

Actually, I love this quote: “When we think of ourselves, we have problems, when we think of others, we have tasks to do.”
If there was less greed in the world and everyone thought about others a bit more and tried to help a little bit, world would be a much better place. Also when you make other people happy, the happiness always spreads on you as well , so it’s a win win.

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What’s the story with the striking cover art?

It’s my expression of “spiritual punk” 🙂 . Loads of people have stiff ideas about spirituality and the fact that you have to be a monk or be somehow sexually repressed to be spiritual. I don’t think that all. I’m into a school of wild yogis, who actually use their sexuality for spiritual growth and see it on the highest level and as pure and deepest form of human contact. Also I’m sure that the cover will offend some people and challenge their concepts, hopefully make them think. When you ask questions like: .Who is the one who is judging the nudity in the picture? What is behind the sexual desire and temptation that might be sparked by the picture? The answer would be EGO. But all these ideas are just an illusion. Also our body is just a vehicle for our mind, it will sooner or later turn into dust.

Secondly I like to use the word “f*ck” in a spiritual context, because I think so many people have spirituality associated with this fake, “saint”, sticky & sweet nonsense. I want to make it more accessible to people who are put off by certain culture surrounding spirituality and break stiff ideas of people who live in the “holly bubble”.

I’d like to be pioneering the idea that “spirituality is the new cool”. I believe that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience and that everyone wants to be happy. You can only achieve real and lasting happiness by working with your mind, on your inner world. For me being spiritual means being in touch with your self and the earth and the universe and feeling one with everything and everyone, not to be attached to stiff ideas of some ancient dysfunctional concept of some religion bullshit.

It’s about compassion, wisdom and love and functioning in a meaningful way, which is helping beings. On the absolute level understanding that here and now, everything is already perfect and on the relative level, making the world more beautiful and having fun while doing it.

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Your sound on the single is what we’d call electronic ‘space’ pop : What can your fans expect from your forthcoming album?

Sound wise I’d call it epic electronic space pop with rave elements and cinematic flavour. Concept wise the album is my autobiography with songs that take you on a journey from darkness, frustration and self destruction into light, understanding and celebration. I wanna inspire and empower people to believe that they can dig themselves out of any situation and better their lives. Through my music I want to share my understanding of duality, not suppressing my darkness in favour of the light, as light would be nothing without darkness. Accepting both. It’s called ONE.

Give us a little insight into what you’re like in the studio. How do you go about putting a song together?

I eat a lot of cashew nuts :-)) and I’m pretty nuts in general ..maybe it’s related?! 🙂 Songs usually come to me, I just channel. I’m always trying to write the main idea when I have an inspiration..usually just improvise by the piano, record it and then take the good things out if later and start crafting it…sometimes I improvise to a track..try to get in the flow state. Then take ages refining it and getting rid of things… When songwriting is done, I usually have a pretty good idea where I wanna take it production wise ..and then you try things out and see what sticks… it’s a beautiful process..can’t wait to start working on my 2nd album!!!

You play the flute too – when did you first learn to play and do you think being a flutist makes you quite unique in the pop world?

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Definitely, I think I’m the only one apart from Ian Anderson, right? I started playing recorder when I was 5 and then went onto proper flute when I was 11. (You can’t do it earlier, cuz 1) it’s way too big for you 2) kids tend to faint when they blow to it, cuz you only get 10% of the air in the hole and 90% out) ..anyway..yes ..then it took me for about 10 years to master it…I mean, play good enough to do solo concerts with orchestra can always be better …

When can your UK fans catch you playing live?

Ha! Actually next weekend 26th, 27th I’m gonna be doing performances on the street around London. It’s gonna be wild. Check the details on my fb and join for the fun!

What artists and influences would you say have shaped the ‘Vesper’ sound?

Growing up surrounded by classical music, spending my pretty much whole teenage years on a tekno rave and generally listening to loads of electronic music like FSOL, Orbital, Massive Attack..and my love for songs/message is the core of it all. My main artist influence is Bjork. When I heard homogenic for the first time, my whole flute career path started blurring out. I also grew up on punk, Nirvana and Depeche Mode. I love creating an atmosphere which surrounds you and transports you somewhere else.

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What other plans do you have for 2014?

The release of my second single Suffocate, playing live , bettering my craft and being naughty 🙂

Fuck The Ego is out now. Watch the video for the track below:

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