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Take a special Anchorman-inspired vacation

To mark the launch of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, ebookers, one of Europe’s largest online travel agents, have teamed up with Paramount Pictures to launch the ultimate ‘Anchorman holiday package’, inspired by the tales of the legend that is Ron Burgundy himself.

The specially created package offers Anchorman fans a trip to San Diego, where Burgundy followers can visit the world renowned San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and an iconic Jazz bar, inspired by Ron’s famous trip toTito’s Barin the movie itself.

Next stop, hop onto a flight and head up to New York, following in the footsteps of everyone’s favourite news team. Here you can take a tour around some of the most iconic film and television sets in New York. Why not also swing by a traditional New York barbers to have a Burgundy inspired hair cut and shave, followed by a sip of whisky at one of the city’s finest bars in Grand Central Station, inspired by one of the news team’s favourite drinking establishments.

Customers who book the package through ebookers.com will also receive a complimentary Ron Burgundy biography for a spot of in-flight reading, along with a pair of Anchorman inspired glasses, to shield their eyes from the California sunshine.

Jessica Craker, an ebookers spokesperson says: “We’re excited to announce the launch of the ebookers Anchorman holiday package. What a fun way to get more out of your holiday by experiencing some of the most iconic USA destinations in true Ron Burgundy style.”

Jessica Craker continues: “Our customers are classy, and deserve a holiday to match. Not only can you save up to £463 by booking your flight and hotel together, but to celebrate the launch of the cult film on DVD, we’ve recommended the ultimate Anchorman experience, that can only be found on ebookers.com.”

To view the holiday package on ebookers.com please visit http://www.ebookers.com/mktg/Anchorman-Holiday-Package/

…and remember, you stay classy!

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is out now on DVD & Blu-ray.

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