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Titanfall goes open beta on Xbox One

There’s great news if you’re an Xbox One gamer who didn’t manage to get onto the Titanfall beta. Respawn Entertainment have decided to open it up to all Xbox One gamers from today. The beta was planned to run until Feb 19th but we hear there are plans to extend it to make up for downtime.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had an email or a code just fire up your Xbox One. Once you’re signed in you should see a ‘Join the Titanfall Beta’ tile on your dashboard. If not then check out the New Game Demos section in the game store. Alternatively just scream ‘Xbox Bing’ followed by ‘Show me game demos’. If you still can’t find it then wait a little while and try again.

EF have been playing since Feb 14th and can confirm that it’s absolutely fantastic fun. The beta features a selection of modes from the game based around popular modes such as team deathmatch, domination and last man standing.

Look out for our beta impressions soon. While you wait for the beta to download check out the official Titanfall beta trailer below.

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