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Christmas Gift Guide: 2DS & 3DS Games

Nintendo’s 3DS system is the most popular handheld around and their new 2DS is even better for younger players.

There’s a great selection of games for the devices which both play DS and 3DS games.

Below you’ll find our top picks for 2DS and 3DS gamers. Stay tuned to EF for games gift guides for other systems.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Become the mayor of your own town where you make all the decisions. Play with friends or meet new ones in a game that’s always full of new things to discover. A wonderful title that is just as popular with adults as it is with kids.

Fire Emblem Awakening


Fire Emblem Awakening sets you off on an adventure to stop a dark dragon. Travel across kingdoms to meet new characters and expand your army. One for strategy fans.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


The best LEGO game so far will delight superhero fans of any age this Christmas. Take control of favourites such as Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Spider-man as they go up against villains like Doctor Octopus, Loki and Dr. Doom in a battle for the cosmic bricks.

Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon

luigi's mansion 2 box

The sequel to the GameCube classic, join Luigi in a brand new haunted adventure. Visit a variety of mansions to eradicate them of their ghostly infestations. A wonderful adventure with online multiplayer modes to keep you busy as well.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Play solo or team up with friends as you attempt to defeat all manner of giant monsters. The game is also compatible with the Wii U version allowing you to play together or move between the systems.

Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed


The only game for Moshi Monsters fans this Christmas. Go on an adventure with Katsuma to save your Moshi friends and defeat Dr. Strangeglove, the Glumps, Sweet Tooth and an army of Robot Moshlings!

New Super Mario Bros 2nsmb2

Join Mario and Luigi on another adventure as they go in search of a million coins while trying to rescue the princess. The game also features online and co-op play.

Pokémon X & Y


Embark on an all new adventure to become the champion Pokémon trainer. With lovely 3D graphics, new Pokémon and online play this is the best Pokémon game around.

Super Mario 3D Land


Mario returns in a brilliant adventure across the Mushroom Kingdom to fight monsters and save Princess Peach.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds follows on from the 1992 classic A Link to the Past. Experience a new adventure in the world of Hyrule that takes full advantage of the power of the 3DS. An essential gift for Zelda fans.


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