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Disney’s Planes reveals star cameos

Disney’s new film Planes is set to cameo Top Gun stars Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. The new film is inspired by Disney Pixar’s Cars, a huge money maker when it comes to merchandise, but having Kilmer and Edwards onboard is clearly an attempt to satisfy the adult audience who remember them as Iceman and Goose.

“Anthony and I were such great rivals in Top Gun, we always had so much fun on set” said Kilmer, who will play the voice of Bravo. “I’ve always thought so highly of Anthony, especially with his success on ER. So it was really great to find out that we would both being working together on Planes.”

Voice acting from Dane Cook, Teri Hatcher, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and John Cleese will also feature in Planes.

Disney’s Planes will be in cinemas across the UK from 16th August 2013

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