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Tomb Raider Signature Series strategy guide review

It’s hard to believe we’ve been following the adventures of Lara Croft for nearly 17 years. To go alongside the release of Tomb Raider, the first major reboot of the series, BradyGames have put together another of their fantastic Signature Series guides.

Unlike some of their more recent guides which have seemed quite short. The Tomb Raider guide is massive and weighs in at over 300 pages. Each page of the guide is full-colour and jam-packed with information, screenshots and gorgeous artwork. The guide is split up into the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Survival Guide
  • Survival Skills
  • Survival Gear
  • The Survivors
  • Enemies
  • A Survivor is Born
  • Collectibles
  • Surviving Multiplayer
  • Achievements/Trophies
  • Extras

Tomb Raider

The guide begins with a quick introduction to the story of the game and contents of the guide. It then moves onto the essential information that you need to play the game. This includes a look at the button configurations for both PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers, basic movement and core gameplay mechanics. The game itself does a decent job of teaching you all these things but this section of the guide acts as a helpful reminder and will be appreciated by newer players.

Chapter 3 explores the various survival skills available to Lara as she accrues survival points from killing enemies and animals. These points can be spent in one of three skill areas – Survivor, Hunter or Brawler. The guide details each of the skills in each skill tree which makes it easier to understand the areas that will benefit your play style the most.

Chapter 4 details the various items and equipment available to Lara throughout the game. For each the guide shows a picture, description and location that you can obtain it. For the weapons it shows the various upgrades that become available and explains where to get them and how much salvage is required for each upgrade.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider has a good story and a full cast of characters. Chapter 5 gives a quick biography for each of the survivors. It starts with Lara and then has info on Sam, Roth, Alex, Jonah, Reyes,  Whitman, Grim and Mathias. This chapter is followed by a brief look at the enemies that Lara will face including the Solarii, Oni and also the wildlife. For each enemy there are tips to take them out as well as some brief info on the types of attacks and damage they do

Chapter 7 is the full single player campaign walkthrough which forms the bulk of the Tomb Raider guide. It makes up over half of the guide and lasts over 160 pages. This is divided up into much smaller sections and contains maps and screenshots along with descriptions of what you need to do. For each area the guide also lists the locations of the various challenges, enemies, camps, documents, GPS caches, treasure maps and relics that are available.

Chapter 8 goes into more detail about each of the collectibles and how to obtain them. There’s a ton of stuff to discover in Tomb Raider so it’s easy to miss things on a single playthrough. Completionists will love this section as it will help them obtain everything that the game has to offer.

Chapter 9 focuses on the multiplayer component of the game which it covers over 60 pages. Much of this chapter is dedicated to the many weapons available to you in view to helping you customise your loadouts. There is also detailed information on the different game modes and analysis of each of the maps including diagrams and tactics. The chapter ends with information on how to earn XP to take you up to level 60.

Chapter 10 takes a quick look at the trophies and achievements that you can earn throughout the game. The guide finishes with a look at the extras available to unlock through play such as journal entries, concept art and character models. As a bonus inside the back cover is also a code to unlock a Scavenger Executioner multiplayer skin for your platform of choice via the BradyGames website.

Overall the Tomb Raider Signature Series strategy guide is one of the best guides we’ve seen for a while and an invaluable reference for players who want to get the most out of the game. The guide is available now for an RRP of £14.99 and there is also a limited edition for £19.99 which includes a hardcover, extra multiplayer skin and 1.5inch painted metal replica of Lara’s amulet.


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