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EF’s Strictly final live blog

Join our live blog for all the action as it happens.

Strictly Come Dancing

It’s the Strictly Come Dancing final tonight and we’ll be doing a live blog right here on EF.

The first of the live shows begins at 6.30pm and we’ll be with you all night giving our comments on all the action.

Denise, Louis, Kimberley and Dani all want to win but only one of them will be crowned the Strictly Come Dancing 2012 champion.

See you here on this page at 6.30pm for the live blog. Keep pressing CTRL+F5 to make sure you are seeing the latest version of the page!

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22.02 – Thanks to everyone for all your support for our Strictly coverage. We’ve had a ball. Thanks also to Robin Windsor for giving us weekly updates and the gorgeous Lisa Riley for entertaining our socks off every week. We’re signing off for this year!

22.01 – What a night and what a series. Congratulations to Louis and Flavia on their well-deserved win. We’ve been thoroughly entertained for the last 3 months and we’re sad that our Saturday nights will now be free until next autumn.

21.58 – Louis Smith and Flavia Cacace!!

21.57 – And the winner is….

21.52 – Back to business. Who is going to walk way with that trophy? First we’re revisiting some of the highlights for the three finalists.

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21.51 – Amazing. So much fun!!! Great to see Team RiRo together again!

21.48 – Oooo it’s the group dance moment. We’ve been waiting for this all night. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21.47 – There are some very horny older women out there…

21.44 – Highlights of the series. There have been so many. We’ve loved Darcey. Much better than Alesha don’t you think?

21.42 – Lines close in 5 minutes!

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21.40 – Thankfully the judges aren’t scoring Robbie. It’s a good job as this performance is pretty flat. At least Artem and Aliona are distractingus with a bit of dancing.

21.38 – A musical break. Mr Robbie Williams.

21.37 – Tess is speaking to Lisa first. YES. She says she’s proud of everyone. Richard says he will miss everyone now the show is coming to an end for the year. Jerry says she loved dancing with Anton and will miss her ‘Prince Charming’. Michael says that Nicky can go back to sitting on a stool and pretending to sing. Bitchy! ha!

21.36 –  It’s nice to see the whole 2012 cast isn’t it? It really has been a fantastic series. We can feel a tear coming on already.

21.33 – Watching all the dances back it’s proof that this year hasn’t been the closest to call in Strictly history. Who’s going to win?

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21.30 – All three couples have done all they can do so it’s over to you to pick up the phone and vote!

21.29 – The scores are in…9 from Craig and 10s from everyone else. 39. That brings Louis to 118. Denise is in the lead with Louis and Kimberley tied in second place. Who’s going to win?

21.26 – Craig said it’s going to be difficult to choose a winner tonight. He’s not wrong! He went on to say that Louis has clearly worked hard and liked the changes to the routine. Darcey said that she loves seeing the cheeky side of Louis. Len said that he never doubted Louis’ ability or potential. Tonight he said Louis deserved a ‘gold medal’. Bruno said Louis’ routine was an ‘uplifting tonic’ to end the night.

21.25 – Another standing ovation. We didn’t think it was as sharp as last time.

21.21 – Louis is dancing the Charleston for his favourite routine from the series.

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21.20 – Vote for Kimberley (we will be doing). Last to dance is Louis and Flavia.

21.19 – The scores are in! First full-house of the evening for Kimberley! 118 from the judges overall tonight.

21.16 – Standing ovation from the audience. We think that was a winning dance. Even better than the first time. Bruno called Kimberley a ‘femme fatale’ saying she’s blossomed as a dancer and performer in the last few weeks. Craig said it was ‘ten times better’ than the last time. Darcey said she enjoys when Kimberley is moody telling her she could win medals for her pout. Len said that Kimberley has provided the highlights of the series for him. 

21.12 – Team Pasherley have been one of our favourite couples this year. They are so sweet together. They’ve picked the Tango from week 8 as their favourite dance.

21.11 – Next to dance is Kimberley and Pasha.

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21.10 – Another full house for Denise taking her total to 119. Not bad Denise, not bad!

21.08 –  Len said he will never forget Denise’s Charleston. Bruno said that Denise put in a ‘world class’ performance. Craig said it’s the best Charleston he’s ever seen on the show. Darcey said it was a memorable Charleston with impressive attention to detail.

21.07 – Was that the dance of a 2012 Strictly winner? Over to the judges…

21.05 – Our heartstrings have been tugged. Show them what you’ve got guys!

21.04 – Denise and James are first up to do their favourite dance and they’ve picked the Charleston. We last saw them perform this at the Wembley live show.

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21.00 – Poor Dani. We wanted her to win! Or at least come second. Now the remaining three couples have to dance their favourite dance from the series. The phone lines are now open again so get voting (for Kimberley).

20.59 – That means that Denise, Kimberley and Louis are battling it out for the glitterball. We’re going to say Denise third, Louis second and Kimberley to win. Will we be right. We hope so!

20.58 – And the couple finishing in fourth place is… Dani and Vincent. We’re shocked. We would have put money on Denise and James!

20.54 – The three finalists will have one more dance but who is leaving. C’mon Bruce!! Ooo and a group dance from all the finalists and the professionals. They are spoiling us tonight.

20.53 – Come on stop teasing us!!!!!

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20.52 – Who will be leaving the competition at this stage??

20.49 – Ooo The Overtones on The Lottery! Amazing. We’re back by the way 😉

19.55 – We’re going for a break (and some food). See you back here at 8.50pm to see who leaves the competition. The phone lines close at 8.20pm so get voting and we’ll be back very soon.

19.54 – Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page to see photos from today’s dress rehearsal.

19.53 – The celebs are sharing their hopes for tonight and explaining why they want to win the trophy.

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19.49 – The first part of the final has come to an end. Denise and Louis are at the top of the leaderboard. Kimberley a close second and Dani trailing at the bottom. Remember the judges’ points don’t count so you need to pick up the phone if you want your favourite to compete for the trophy.

19.48 –  The scores are in…40 for Louis. That puts him top with Denise scoring 79 so far tonight.

19.44 – Darcey said that Louis blew her away with his ‘grace’ and ‘sensuality’. She went on to say it was very different and not what she expected. Len said he enjoyed the gymnastic parts commenting that he loved how ‘magical’ the dance was. Bruno said Louis had the strength of a superhero. Craig simply said ‘fab-u-lous’ and ‘a-maz-ing’.

19.42 – The shirt came off. Louis definitely worked that torso. The lift with Flavia was incredible.

19.41 – Rule The World by Take That? Odd choice for a spectacular show dance!

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19.40 – Now it’s Louis to try the showdance. Will the shirt come off?

19.39 – The scores are in! Craig gave a 9. Darcey, Len and Bruno give 10s. That takes Kimberley to 78.

19.37 –  Craig said it was filth but he loved it. Darcey said Kimberley ‘burned up the dancefloor’. Len said it was Kimberley’s ‘greatest hits’. Bruno said he loved the wildness of the dance and said it was ‘smoking hot’.

19.36 – Great routine. Great performance. What a showdance.

19.35 – Dancing to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. Good song choice.

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19.34 – Kimberley and hunky Pasha next. This will be the best one of the night we can just feel it.

19.33 – 8 from Craig. 9 from Darcey, Len and Bruno. 35. We don’t agree! Vote for Dani!! 71 total for Dani and Vincent.

19.32 – We think the judges were a bit hard on Dani there. That showdance was more interesting than Denise’s.

19.30 – Bruno called it ambitious and interesting but said he felt they were a little bit nervous. Craig said he thought the transitions in and out of the lifts were lumpy but commended the content. Darcey agreed with Craig but said she thought they did a good job. Len said Dani’s talent is ‘huge’ and called the routine ‘intoxicating’.

19.29 – Now that is a showdance people! WOW!

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19.27 – A showdance to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. We’re already impressed! Go on Team Smurf!!

19.26 – Next to do their showdance is Dani and Vincent. We can’t wait for this one!

19.25 – 10 from Craig, Darcey, Len and Bruno. That’s a big fat 40 for Denise giving her 79 points tonight.

19.24 – Did Denise do enough to make it into the final three? We’re not sure but we do think she has done incredible.

19.21 – Len said the dance was ‘all or nothing’ and full of danger. Bruno said the lifts were of an incredible level of difficulty commenting that the Tango section was perfect. Craig said he couldn’t believe what Denise’s body could do. Darcey called it ‘flashy’ telling Denise she could travel the world with that routine.

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19.19 – Lots of lifts and pretty fast. Not as spectacular as we expected though. Impressive but not ‘WOW’

19.18 – A showdance to Flashdance with a knee slide! Ouch Denise’s knees look sore!

19.17 – First up is Denise and James. This should be pretty amazing!

19.16 – The showdances are next. Will any of them beat Jason Donovan’s incredible showdance from last year? We’re soooooo excited!!

19.15 – Craig gives Louis a 9 to booing from the audience. 10s from the rest of the judges which means he’s got 39 and at the top of the leaderboard with Kimberley and Denise. Dani is trailing behind with 36. The phone lines are now open so get voting!

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19.14 – The score’s in…

19.13 – We’re not sure about that shoulder roll either. It’s a bit dodgy.

19.11 – What did the judges say? Darcey said it was ‘100% better’ commenting it was ‘spiced up’. Len said Flavia was ‘flavulous’ saying she’d improved the routine but kept the essence of Dirty Dancing whilst Louis was called ‘an eagle’. Bruno commented on Louis’ snake hips saying he was fluid with his eye on the ball. Craig said he didn’t like the shoulder roll and pout before the lift but admitted he thought the routine was ‘fantastic’.

19.10 –  All four finalists have received standing ovations from the audience. Do you think that Louis’ Salsa was better the second time round?

19.09 – So the routine has been altered for the final. Interesting. Can it impress Len this time round?

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19.08 – Louis has had quite the journey on the show and he’s really developed as the weeks went on. The judges have given them the Salsa which they scored 30 points for last time. Risky considering it was heavily criticised the first time round.

19.07 – Louis Smith is the only man left in the competition and he’s dancing last this evening. The standard has been very high so far but Louis could surprise us and pull it out of the bag.

19.06 – Craig gave Kimberley a 9 but the other judges, quite rightly, gave her a 10. That puts her joint first with Denise. 39 points. We think that should have been 40.

19.04 – Well-deserved comments there. What a routine and what a great dancer she is!

19.03 – Third standing ovation of the night. Craig said that Kimberley has grown so much in dancing and confidence. Darcey agreed with Craig calling her ‘a true actress’. Len said last time he liked it but this time he loved it. Bruno said Kimberley was ‘shining like a diamond’ calling the routine ‘perfection’.

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19.00 – Doesn’t she look beautiful? There’s no way she should have been in the bottom two the first time round. This routine is simply stunning.

18.59 – Kimberley has really come out of herself the past two weeks and she’s oozed confidence. What have the judges picked for them to dance? The Viennese Waltz! 34 points the first time round and Len says Kimberley needs to work on her footwork.

18.58 – Kimberley Walsh is third on the dance floor with her partner Pasha Kovalev. Seeing as Robin and Artem are both out of the competition Pasha is our guy candy for the night. Isn’t he lovely?

18.57 – Craig gives her a 9 as does Darcey, Len and Bruno. 36 which is higher than the first time but not as good as Denise.

18.56 – Dani reckons she was a little bit too passionate? Do you agree? We thought she was fantastic.

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18.53 – Well we’re impressed. What about the judges? Bruno said it was like watching ‘tantrums and tiaras’ but said there were a couple of wobbles. Craig said that Bruno was right but commented that Dani’s work has always been clean. Darcey said she saw no moody teenager calling her ‘sophisticated’ and commending the parts of the routine in hold. Len said that Dani is the ‘spirit of the show’ going on to say that she’s been consistent every week.

18.52 – This is one of our favourite performances of the series and it’s good to see them doing it again. Dani’s movement is flawless.

18.50 – Dani and Vincent are to dance week 6’s Tango and they picked up 33 points the first time round. Can they top that score?

18.49 – Dani Harmer is next to dance and she’s definitely been the most improved this series. Her partnership with Vincent has been absolutely perfect and we’re going to miss Team Smurf. Can they win the whole thing?

18.48 – 9 from Craig and 10s from the rest of the judges. 39 points for the Jive easily beating their previous score of 32.

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18.47 – We’re waiting for the score. James says that Denise is the dream partner. They have made a good couple haven’t they?

18.45 – Len said Denise combined athleticism with artistry. Bruno said Denise was wicked and called the dance ‘premium grade’. Craig joked for once before saying it had ‘fantastic energy’. Darcey said she loved it the first time and said Denise’s style is perfect for the Jive.

18.44 – Well the audience loved it. We spotted a few timing errors in there but overall we thought Denise and James did well. What did the judges think?

18.41 –  Denise is the first to dance tonight and the judges have picked the Jive for her. Last week Denise was in the bottom two and it seems the public don’t want her to win. Denise and James first performed the Jive during week 2 but will they beat their previous score of 32?

18.39 –  Don’t they all look fantastic? We hear that Louis will be getting his top off for the second dance of the evening. Is he trying to sway the vote with his impressive pecs? Time will tell. Literally anyone could win tonight.

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18.37 –  It really has been the best series of Strictly yet hasn’t it? So many highlights from the last 12 weeks and good to see lots of Team RiRo in the montage. We’re almost too excited to type right now.

18.34 – Poor Anton. One day he’ll get that trophy if they ever stop giving him the joke contestants!

18.32 – That entrance from the celebs was fantastic. Taken right out of a Girls Aloud concert we reckon!

18.31 – The show is kicking off with a fantastic Pro Dance to The Final Countdown. That glitterball is huge. We reckon Team RiRo would love that.

18.29 – We’re going to say right now that we have literally no idea who will win tonight. The only thing we are sure of is that Denise Van Outen will leave the competition first. She doesn’t seem to have the public support despite being a fantastic dancer.

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18.27 – We’re here and ready to live blog the Strictly final. Isn’t Pointless the most pointless show on TV?


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