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In Conversation with JohnSlots’ Journalist, Alex Hussain: Is Tech the Root of iGaming Innovation?

In the ever-evolving landscape of iGaming, technology plays a significant role in driving innovation. Numerous advances in technology recently have caused an influx in online gaming. Not just are numbers of players increasing, but the quality of the gameplay along with it.

An experienced online gambling journalist, Alex Hussain has covered the intersection of tech and iGaming extensively. We sat down with Alex to discuss how technology has been at the root of iGaming innovation.

What Influence Has Technology Had on iGaming?

Alex Hussain: Indeed, the impact of technology on iGaming is both broad and deep. The initial transition from physical casinos to online ones was the first significant shift spurred by technology, but it was only the beginning.

As the technology landscape evolved, advancements in software development technologies and languages, particularly HTML5, paved the way for the development of more complex, interactive, and visually striking games. These developments have resulted in a new generation of games going beyond being aesthetically pleasing, offering compelling gameplay mechanics that significantly elevate the gaming experience compared to the somewhat basic games of the early internet days.

Take, for example, the recent success of Megaways slots. This game engine, developed by Big Time

Gaming uses random reel modifier technology to change the number of symbols and ways to win with every spin. That was a game-changer in slot design and has become incredibly popular among players, prompting other developers to license the technology for their games.

What About Beyond Game Design?

Alex Hussain: Beyond game design, we’ve seen incredible advancements in live casino technology. Early internet casinos were restricted to RNG (Random Number Generator) games, but advancements in streaming and software technology have made live dealer games a reality. Games like live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, streamed in high definition with real dealers, replicate the experience of being in a physical casino from the comfort of your home. That has dramatically broadened the appeal of online casinos.

Most recently, we’ve also seen how data analytics has shaped iGaming. Advanced data analysis allows operators to understand player behavior better and tailor their offerings accordingly. It helps create personalized gaming experiences, with game recommendations based on players’ preferences and betting patterns. This level of personalization has significantly enhanced player engagement and retention.

How Has Mobile Technology Impacted iGaming?

Alex Hussain: The impact of mobile technology on iGaming cannot be overstated. Mobile gaming has allowed the industry to reach more players worldwide, offering the convenience of gaming on-the-go. In response, game developers have been optimizing their games for mobile platforms, introducing responsive design and dedicated apps. It’s created an environment where gaming is always at players’ fingertips, significantly expanding the potential user base.

Can You Talk About the Role of Artificial Intelligence in iGaming?

Alex Hussain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has multiple applications in iGaming, from enhancing user experience to improving security. AI algorithms can learn from player behaviors and preferences to offer personalized game recommendations and promotions, enhancing player engagement and retention. Additionally, AI is instrumental in combating fraud and maintaining security in iGaming platforms by identifying and reacting to suspicious patterns in real time.

What About the Future of iGaming Technology? What’s on the Horizon?

Alex Hussain: Certainly, the horizon of iGaming technology brims with intriguing possibilities, and there are several sectors I’m eager to monitor.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are at the forefront. VR has tiptoed within online gaming for some time but hasn’t quite reached its zenith. Nevertheless, we are witnessing some notable strides.

Picture this – putting on a VR headset and stepping into a virtual casino, interacting with your surroundings, fellow gamers, and the dealer as though you were in an actual casino. Although we’re not quite there yet technologically, the ongoing advancements show great promise. I firmly believe that VR will substantially redefine the iGaming landscape in the coming decade.

What About Artificial Intelligence?

Alex Hussain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another technology that holds immense potential for the iGaming industry. It can be used to enhance personalization, as AI can analyze player behavior to provide tailored gaming experiences. It can also improve customer service with AI-powered chatbots, capable of handling customer queries and issues around the clock.

Furthermore, we’re seeing the rise of blockchain technology and its use in iGaming, particularly with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies offer secure, transparent, and potentially faster transactions. Their decentralized nature also makes them attractive to players in regions with stringent gambling regulations. Some platforms are already embracing this technology, and it will be interesting to see how its role expands in the industry.

How Can Players Keep Up With These Technological Changes in iGaming?

Alex Hussain: With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, players need to stay informed. Following trusted iGaming news sources, like JohnSlots, can provide regular updates on the latest technological trends and advancements in the industry. Players can also leverage community forums and social media platforms, where there’s often lively discussion about new games, technologies, and industry trends.

Technology has undoubtedly been the driving force behind the innovation and growth witnessed in the iGaming sector. As we look to the future with technologies like VR, AR, and blockchain poised to further disrupt the industry, Alex’s insights remind us of the exciting journey ahead. Staying informed and adaptable will be essential for players to get the most out of these developments.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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