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Jake Owen talks to Kelleigh Bannen about new album ‘Loose Cannon’, boats and hot truck beer

Jake Owen joins Today’s Country Radio ahead of the release of his new album, ‘Loose Cannon.’ He tells Kelleigh about growing up on the water in Florida, taking creative risks, and his love for nostalgic country anthems.

Tune in and listen to the episode in-full this Friday (May 26th) at 7am PT / 9am CT / 10am ET or anytime on-demand at apple.co/_TodaysCountry.

Jake Owen Tells Apple Music About His Earliest Memory of Being on a Boat

When I turned 12, my dad bought my brother and I a little Boston Whaler. And so I was actually telling someone about this the other day who has daughters. He was telling me how he has Life360 on his daughter’s phone, I guess so he can see and track how fast she’s going, where she is and whatever. And I thought to myself, I didn’t have a cell phone growing up and my dad gave us this old Boston Whaler and we could go out in the middle of the Intracostal River in Florida right after school every day, and we just would be back by dark. Had a little six gallon gas tank on the back of it that we mix oil in it when you put the fuel in and we’d just go… To this day, it’s my favorite thing to do. It brings me the most happiness is being on the water somewhere on a boat. 

Jake Owen on Recording His New Record ‘Loose Cannon’

It wasn’t anything I had to fight for really. But to me, every record that I put out post the record before is always more important because you want to be better than you were the last time. I also… not only musically, but as a person, you kind of want to grow. So you have to showcase that with your music. And I didn’t record any of the songs I wrote.

Jake Owen Tells Apple Music Why He Called His New Album ‘Loose Cannon’

I love a super serious song, but I also love a song that’s not serious at all and it just makes you smile or feel good. And that’s kind of how I am. And that’s why this album’s going to be called ‘Loose Cannon’ because I realized when I heard that song, that that is my life to a T, finding a good woman in my life and someone that can wrestle with this person that is never comfortable with anything. I’m just all over the map all the time.

Jake Owen Tells Apple Music Why He Included the Songs He Did on ‘Loose Cannon’

I just think you have to believe in what you love and be passionate about it. And that’s kind of… this album is a lot of songs that I love, a lot of things I care about, a lot of things I wanted to say, and I’m in a cool part of my life and I just think this explains a lot of it.

Jake Owen Tells Apple Music About “Hot Truck Beer”

That song for me is… another one of those kind of anthemic, just sing along the way we felt when we were that, when we were Jack and Diane, kind of like, I love songs that are always reminiscent of what it felt like and that freedom that you didn’t really realize at the time was so free.

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