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Charles Esten gives us a second taste of his upcoming debut album with ‘A Little Right Now’

Charles Esten captures a crisis of faith in his next release, ‘A Little Right Now’ off his forthcoming debut album. Available now across all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

“Everybody, in all walks of life, finds themselves at a point in time when they’re not feeling the faith they used to feel, whether it’s a faith in a greater power, in God, faith in their own abilities, or faith in things working out,” Esten shared with American Songwriter. “There are things that are out of your hands, and that’s where faith comes in—but sometimes, you’re just not feeling it.”

Looking to a higher power, ‘A Little Right Now’ surrenders to the heavens as it arrives like a weary, Roots-rocking prayer. Wrapped in comparative and contrasting metaphors – from a farmer waiting on rain, to a dreamer whose ship has yet to come in – the gut-wrenching story finds a main character pleading for the strength to carry on, and desperate for something to give, but even with hope fading fast still strong enough to ask for more and knowing just where to turn. Produced by Marshall Altman with reverb-soaked guitars, a slow-burning gospel organ, and the raw, unvarnished vocal of honesty, he slowly builds back the spirit to face life – head on, and without giving an inch.

Readying to bring these new songs to the stage, tickets are on sale now for Esten’s headlining show at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, TN, on June 8. Click here for additional details. Likewise, tickets are selling fast as “NASHVILLE” The Reunion Tour will play Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, IL, on September 23 and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, on September 25, before kicking off a U.K. run that’s seen overwhelming demand and SOLD-OUT shows. After a five-year hiatus from touring in the U.S. as a collective, “NASHVILLE” The Reunion Tour finds Esten, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson, and Sam Palladio performing classic songs from the hit series, as well as their own original material. Also, in a one-night event, Chris Carmack will join his former cast members for the Rosemont Theatre performance.

Ticket information for all U.S. and U.K. shows can be found at www.nashvillereuniontour.com.

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