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Pet Sim X Leaks, New Titanic Dominus And More

Last week’s auction update was an absolute shambles for Pet Sim X so let’s hope this week’s additions will be up to the level of quality we would expect.

It looks like the focus of this week’s update will be in the form of lots of new pets. There will be a comet egg that is likely to contain one of three pets. The new leaked pets are the Comet Agony, The Comet Cyclops and the Dominus Inferno. As this information is based on leaks it’s not 100% clear which pets will be available by what means.

I predict that the comet eggs/pets will work in a similar way to the recent lucki blocks and will spawn randomly across the maps giving players a chance to collect gems, boosts or pets. I also predict that the Dominus Inferno could be part of a new exclusive egg.


Speaking of exclusive eggs there is a new Titanic pet coming in the form of the Titanic Dominus Astra. This suggests that the current meme egg will no longer be available once the update is live being replaced by the new egg.

Finally, we see the introduction of RAP or recent auction prices. This tool is designed to give players an up-to-date idea of what price pets are selling for in the trading plaza auctions. I think this is a great addition as the prices on value sites can often vary wildly given their inconsistent update periods.

For more information check out our video below:

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