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Latest trends sweeping cyberspace post Covid-19

Society is becoming increasingly digitized with each passing day, and if you’re not online, it’s practically impossible to keep up with trends.

In recent years we’ve seen steady changes in cyberspace, partly due to the constant improvement of technology, but perhaps above all because of the Covid-19-pandemic, which left us with no choice but to be online. Despite the many lives lost during the pandemic, and the devastating impact it had on the global economy, accelerating digitization has allowed some industries to flourish and new trends to emerge.

That said, there are plenty of trends in cyberspace that have come and gone since Covid-19, some of which have received much more attention than others. We’ve gathered some of the most important, and not the least talked about trends post Covid-19 here!

The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you’ve most likely stumbled upon the phenomenon of NFTs, short for Non-Fungible tokens. NFT is a term used to describe any kind of digital artwork – like a piece of music or a virtual drawing – which is the only one of its kind. 

The fact that NFTs are non-tangible by nature sets them apart from other digital objects, such as cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged and still carry the same value. NFTs, however, can neither be copied nor replaced. Its ownership is recorded in a blockchain, and if an NFT gets a new owner, ownership will be transferred through the blockchain – which means that NFTs can be both sold and traded!

Although these non-tangible digital works of art have exploded in popularity post-Covid-19, the phenomenon has not quite managed to become as mainstream as its proponents had wished. But that’s the nature of trends, isn’t it?

Enhanced entertainment thanks to new UK casinos

The entertainment sector has definitely thrived since the pandemic when countries faced lockdowns and people had to find new ways to entertain themselves. With cinemas, sports halls, and brick-and-mortar casinos temporarily closed, and us having to stay at least two meters away from our family and friends, people had no choice but to go online. And in cyberspace, online casinos welcomed people to their platforms with open arms, and UK casinos were particularly keen to promote their services.

The UK has long been at the forefront of gambling, thanks in part to its highly respected gambling jurisdiction, which gambling operators all around the world look up to. If you haven’t already, perhaps try UK’s newest online casinos for yourself, then you’ll understand what we’re talking

about. The latest UK casinos online have really managed to create an enchanting experience using the latest technology that has been developed during the pandemic. From instantaneous transactions to brand-new slots and table games, new online casinos licensed in the UK are one of the biggest trends in cyberspace post Covid-19!

The pioneering Metaverse

Although not much has happened since Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta, the phenomenon of virtual environments, also known as Metaverses, has undoubtedly been debated by both skeptics and proponents.

Some say that Metaverse is the hottest trend right now – the trend that’ll shape the world in the coming years. Others say that it’s just another craze that will slowly but surely fade away. What we do know is that Metaverse is trending right now and that there is an incredible amount of celebrities and entrepreneurs investing in it. However, we don’t think that we’ll be doing everything exclusively in the Metaverse in the future, like working and attending concerts.

In addition, we doubt how Metaverse will fare in terms of safety. Unfortunately, there has been an increasing amount of cybercrime, and because of this, Metaverse developers need to increase their efforts in cybersecurity if it is to become a widely recognized (and used) phenomenon.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistance = a new way of life?

Last but not least, everyone has most likely heard of artificial intelligence by now, or AI, a term that encompasses a wide array of products and services. The latest trend within AI, however, is virtual assistance, a kind of service that uses artificial intelligence to perform various tasks or answer questions. 

Just a few months ago, the hottest feature for all those who love artificial assistance, ChatGPT, was released. ChatGPT can do just about anything you tell it, from writing content with desired keywords for businesses to finishing essays for students in just a few minutes.

Although this virtual assistant is still new, it has already revolutionized the world and can be seen as a whole new way of living. We believe it’s a trend that will shape societies all around the world – but we dare not make any promises. Trends come and go, and the same may also be true for AI, Virtual Assistance, and ChatGPT!

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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