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Interview: Easton Corbin talks new album ‘Let’s Do Country Right’

Florida country artist Easton Corbin first hit the charts in 2009, eventually winning three American Country Awards celebrating, ‘A Little More Country Than That’, a song which is synonymous with Corbin’s appreciation of traditional country music.  

Now a flagship artist on a new label, Stone Country Records, working with Music Row legend Benny Brown, Corbin is enjoying a new level of freedom. He’s musically crafting his writing to embrace neo-traditional country music. The debut single for Stone Country ‘I Can’t Decide’ is a great introduction to a wider audience.  We caught up with Corbin during the release of his album, ‘Let’s Do Country Right’ (read our review here). 

Thank you for sitting down with us, how’s your day going? 

Good, thank you. Just done a couple of radio interviews for the new album and I’ll be heading off to the gym shortly.  

How does having an album on new label Stone Country Records feel? 

It’s good. I’m really proud of the way the album has turned out and I’m looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to the new music. 

What’s the promotional schedule like for you? 

We’ve done a few shows already and they’ve gone well. Trying to work out what the crowd enjoys hearing. We have some more shows on the way, and it’s great to talk about the album.  

There’s been a developing music scene in the UK and Europe over the last decade, with festivals like C2C and The Long Road, and a dedicated crowd ready to sing back lyrics (‘Hey Merle’ is anthemic) or be silent when needed (such as on the stunning ‘Whiskey Don’t Take Me Back’). Do you have any plans for future tours over here? 

Oh, Ma’am that would be a wonderful opportunity. I’d love to visit one day. We’ll see. 

I have to say that when listening to your back catalogue I came across your collaboration with Belgian EDM star Lost Frequencies – how did you start working together? 

Oh, that was so fun. I had a call from a friend who said he’d just heard my song, ‘Are You With Me’ remixed to a dance version. I had to listen and I loved how the song sounded. We also worked together on a song during lockdown, ‘One More Night’. That was a great experience. 

Thanks for chatting with me today – best of luck with the new music.

Thank you, I appreciate it. 

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