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Charles Kelley of Lady A releases his deeply personal new song ‘As Far As You Could’

In one of the most profound and personal moments of his career, Lady A’s Charles Kelley is today (Dec 23rd) releasing his goodbye letter to alcohol, sharing the confessional “As Far As You Could.”  Aided by the gift of desperation, Kelley co-wrote the redemptive ballad after a public decision to stop drinking and begin addiction treatment.

“For me, the biggest word I’ve been holding on to is gratitude, not pride,” Kelley says of his journey so far. “I’m grateful. I finally see the light and am connecting with what life is all about. Some days are hard, but the good so outweighs those bad moments. There’s some beauty in all this and I’ve had time to reflect, time to get healthy, time to write. I’ve probably written 50 songs this fall, and I feel like all of it was leading to this one song.”

Co-written and produced alongside Lady A bandmate Dave Haywood and Jimmy Robbins, the stirring ballad captures an inner conflict experienced by many, mixing sadness and serenity as Kelley recounts the steps along his path – both good and bad. Boldly honest and ending on an inspirational high, the compassionate track takes songwriting as therapy to a new level.  The single leans into the deeply-personal theme with a raw and unfiltered sound, relying on a piano played by Haywood, and a bruised-but-resilient vocal.

Speaking on why Kelley chose to release the song solo and not part of the band he said, “We were almost afraid that if we put a bunch of vocals on it, that might take away from the pain and authenticity of that singular vocal,” Kelley adds. “Hillary especially felt it was important for me to tell my story, kind of the same way she was able to do with ‘Thy Will.’ With their blessing, I’m putting this out, but it will live right alongside everything else we do.”

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