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5 Jennifer Lopez songs that should have been singles

Jennifer Lopez has put her fans into meltdown today with the announcement that she will release new album ‘This Is Me… Now’ in 2023.

A sequel to her 2002 album ‘This Is Me… Then’, the album should provide the. perfect full circle when it comes to her relationship with now husband Ben Affleck. With the cover and a snippet of a new song out there, it’s time to get excited JLo fans.

To celebrate the news, I’ve picked 5 songs from across Lopez’s career that deserved their place in the spotlight rather than being relegated to album tracks. Find out what I’ve picked below…

1. ‘Open Off My Love’ (from 1999’s ‘On The 6’)

This sexy, sensual R&B meets Latin-pop number was one of the highlights from ‘On the 6’, Lopez’s debut album. It’s the kind of song she could have put killer choreography to for her live performances and it would have come out just as the Latin pop explosion was taking over the charts in the late 90s. At least we finally got this gem on vinyl this year with the National Album Day release of ‘On the 6’.

2. ‘Walking On Sunshine’ (from 2001’s ‘J.Lo’)

While ‘Walking On Sunshine’ didn’t get a single release, it did get a remix on the ‘J to tha L-O: The Remixes’ album. Honestly though, it should have been a huge hit for her and it’s the natural successor to the monster smash ‘Waiting For Tonight’. Euphoric beats, Lopez’s vocals and rhythm you can’t help but dance to, it’s a certified banger.

3. ‘Whatever You Wanna Do’ (from 2005’s ‘Rebirth’)

‘Rebirth’ might not be Lopez’s best album but it certainly has its moments. I can only think that ‘Whatever You Wanna Do’ didn’t get picked as a single because the horn section was a little too similar to ‘Get Right’, which was the album’s lead single. It’s a crime that ‘Hold You Down (feat. Fat Joe), possibly Lopez’s worst single, was chosen over a jam like this.

4. ‘Wrong When You’re Gone’ (from 2007’s ‘Brave’)

Lopez has come under plenty of criticism over the years about her singing ability, or perceived lack of it according to the haters, but this ballad proves everyone wrong. Co-written by Keri Hilson, ‘Wrong When You’re Gone’ is one of the most emotive vocal performances Lopez has given and it was at this point in her career she really started to work on strengthening her voice. It’s a classic for us fans and it should have been a single!

5. ‘Good Hit’ (from 2011’s ‘Love?’)

The most baffling entry on this list, purely because Lopez went to the trouble of making a music video for the song but never released it as a single. ‘Good Hit’ would have been a far better follow-up to ‘On the Floor’ featuring Pitbull than “I’m into You” featuring Lil’ Wayne was. I don’t know what her team was thinking but if you look up missed opportunity’ in the dictionary, there’s a good chance you’ll see a reference to this song.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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