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Sam Hunt drops earthy, organic new song ‘Start Nowhere’

Sam Hunt drops new song “Start Nowhere” today (Nov 23rd). Hunt and co-writers Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne lean into the comfort and ease of a life before distractions.  

“When you grow up in a small town, you love where you’re from, you are where you’re from, and you answer the call of adventure when you turn 18 and take off out into the big wide world,” shares Hunt on his socials. “If you stay gone too long without coming home, you can get a little disconnected. Sometimes the only way to get your feet back on the ground is to go back home where you grew up.”

The accompanying music video for ‘Start Nowhere’, also out today, is a compilation of Hunt’s family home movies showing Hunt roughhousing with his brothers and time spent with his parents, family, and friends in his hometown of Cedartown, Ga. The video hits a full heartfelt note as we go into a holiday focused on giving thanks and appreciation for our blessings.

Sam Hunt
Credit: MCA / UMG

“I connect with that video so much,” Hunt shares exclusively with PEOPLE. “How much of this is me just connecting to my family and how much of it is just stepping outside myself and just appreciating the nostalgia of that era — just the love in mom’s eyes and all the things that show up there that are just real and authentic?”

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