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Watch or read the highlights as Maddie & Tae talk ‘Through the Madness’ with Kelleigh Bannen

Maddie & Tae drop in to chat with Kelleigh Bannen on ‘Today’s Country Radio’ about their latest project ‘Through The Madness, Vol. 2.’ The duo discuss defining success on their own terms with “Every Night Every Morning” and confronting childhood trauma with in “These Tears.”

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Maddie on Creating Two Projects with 16 Songs Total

Trying to put together a project, it’s so scary because for us, we knew we wanted freaking 16 songs to be out and we were just manipulating how, “Okay, record label, how can we manipulate the situation to put out the most amount of music?” But I feel like sometimes it takes a while to figure out what songs belong together and which ones don’t. And so it was really nice.

Maddie on Not Wanting to Release “These Tears”

“These Tears” was one that I really did not even want to share with our A&R. I was hiding it because we had written it and I was fresh out of therapy getting into my childhood stuff that I needed to work through. And I was like, “I really do not want the world to hear this song”. And then we were just in the moment and Tae’s like, “You got to play this.” And so we did. And it ended up on the record and I was so terrified. But now that I listen to it, I’m so proud of… It’s almost like my younger self is like, “Thank you for doing that.”

Maddie & Tae
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Maddie on “Well In Your World”

I had one ex in high school that he was such a great person, just not my person. So I had the concept “Well in your World” because of that, because I think it popped up that he got married or was having a kid or something like that. And I was like, “Man, I hope that he got everything that he wanted and has a wonderful wife and a wonderful life and all of those things.” And I’m like, “Is there a way to write that, and not in this break up song…”

Tae on Having a Baby and Refocusing Your Love

There’s a whole other level [of love]. And you’re both, once your love was once just completely directed at each other. And then you have this separate being that’s both of you. And all your attention goes towards that. It completely changes the dynamic in a hard way. It’s definitely hard.

Tae on Having a Premature Baby

I think I learned to give up control, which is… I feel like I always felt like I was good at that until I was in the situation that I had no control of. And I realized how much I wanted control and I was like, “Oh shoot, I might struggle with this.” Gave up control and gave up outcome. And that’s what I learned was just able to trust in the divine, in what’s meant to be is meant to be. And at the end of the day, I can hope for the best and wish for the best, but it’s going to be what it’s meant to be. And I was really surprised by my strength through it all.

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